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Tips For Getting Customers To Respond To Your Surveys

As a business owner, you know how important feedback from your customers is. Feedback can result in changes and updates to your business that can increase customer satisfaction and revenue. However, from the perspective of a customer, you also recognize that taking the time to fill out a survey can be annoying. Instead of continuing to send out surveys with no results, employ some strategies for bolstering the number of responses that you receive.

Ask In The Moment:

Though an email is convenient and allows the customer to take the survey whenever it is convenient for them. However, if you send an email out to customers some time after they have been in the store or made a purchase online, you’re less likely to receive a response. In order to get a response, you may need to be crafty with your subject line and email content. Otherwise, customers might think of the email as spam and immediately delete the communication. Ask customers if they have a few minutes to complete a survey before they leave the shop or as the phone call wraps up. You can employ a similar system on your company’s website by asking shoppers to answer a few questions after making their purchases.

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Create Professional Surveys:

Throwing together a few random questions is unlikely to get you the results that you want. There is a method to the best questions as well as the order that the questions are put in the survey for the most accurate and helpful survey. Furthermore, if your survey seems unorganized or unprofessional, customers might see the survey as unprofessional and think less highly of your business. It is even possible to lose customers. A poorly written survey could come across as a scam and can make customers feel uncomfortable doing business with you again. Hiring professional writers to help with the surveys is a smart idea. You can also use some e-form software to craft more professional pieces. That way you can make a good impression on your customers in a way that would encourage them to return for your repeated business.


Mix Up The Questions:

Asking different types of questions can also help to improve your results. Some customers might prefer multiple-choice style questions, and others may want the opportunity to provide more open-ended responses. By offering an array of questions, you can reach out to more of your clients. Furthermore, you’ll likely end up with more robust feedback as well. It’s ideal to consider how much time your customer would be willing to spend on the survey when constructing your questionnaire. If the customer tends to spend five to ten minutes in your store, then a one or two-minute survey would probably work out fine. However, if they have to spend fifteen minutes on the survey, it is more likely that they won’t be willing to do so. In comparison, if a customer spends a few hours going through your sales funnel, then a fifteen-minute survey would probably be more successful.

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Incentivize Surveys:

While it would be impractical for most businesses to incentivize every survey that any customer ever takes, you could offer a short-term incentive when your business is really in need of some feedback. For example, you could offer customers who take the survey over the next six weeks or two months a discount on their next purchase. If your business has a rewards program, you could also allow customers to earn rewards points by taking the survey. This strategy is usually more successful when they are short and easy to complete. Using a QR code on a receipt, for example, can decrease the effort that customers have to go through to get the survey completed and thus increase the likelihood of them wanting to complete the survey. Additionally, pairing an incentive with a time dedication of one or two minutes can even make your customers more than happy to complete the survey.

Now is not the time to give up on your survey. A survey sent out to customers can help you to get a snapshot of how the public perceives the business and what you need to do to better connect with clients. Creating a better survey that is more appealing to customers is a useful plan.

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