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How Does WooCommerce Make WordPress The Right Choice For Your E-Commerce CMS?

WordPress is the king of all CMS. It is one of the few website development platforms that provide all the features necessary for setting up an e-commerce site. We would be wrong to think that other platforms do not have the resources to set up e-commerce stores. The problem begins once the store is up and running. When the time comes for scale-up of services, many CMS platforms do not have the necessary backup to support the growth level majority of successful e-commerce sites experience.

Currently, WordPress powers over 28% of the entire web. Some noted e-commerce websites rely on the latest versions of the WP engine for daily business. As the businesses have begun to realize how much freedom this platform offers, the web is gravitating towards a pro-WP future with high flexibility, functionality, and cost-effective website development solutions. There was a time when this platform was synonymous with blogging, but right now several vendors are choosing WordPress over other highly costly options for online store creation.

Have You Been Thinking About Owning Your E-Commerce Site?

Are you saying that you have never seen integrated e-commerce solutions on your WordPress website dashboard? That is probably because this CMS keeps all the goodies stored inside the WooCommerce plug-in. The basic site design has an inherent SEO friendly quality that supports content-rich designs and image optimization. Your gallery options depend on the theme and extra plug-ins that you may appoint. Nonetheless, you can unleash the full e-commerce potential of WordPress by employing the WooCommerce shopping cart plug-in. To start your ecommerce site, you can follow the detailed guidelines of WordPress website development at the Ethane Technologies blog.

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As of 2018, WooCommerce powers 28% of all stores online. It is the most popular e-commerce platform that offers hundreds of free extensions and functionalities. Development of an e-commerce website is smoother, faster and more effective. In fact, you can turn your blog or your business portfolio into a seller site by adding the WooCommerce plug-in to the main website. It takes about 15 minutes to complete the setup and launch your ecommerce site with the complete facilities of any online store.

Grow Endlessly With The Complete Support Of Your CMS:

While rooting for the development of your ecommerce store, you need to ensure the scalability of your e-commerce site. Your web store needs to accommodate a constantly growing inventory. In case your current e-commerce store does not support that, it is time for you to consider migrating to a better platform. The ability to morph and grow easily with your web store does not signify a lack of integrity in the core design. In fact, very few website builders and CMS platforms can grow seamlessly with the demands of the sellers and the buyers. Any CMS platform would need a robust framework to be able to provide the same quality of security, uniform data management and at the same time expand along with the demands of the store content.


Extend The Features As Per Your Need:

When it comes to WordPress, scalability is a regular feature. It is nothing extraordinary or effortful. The basic framework of the CMS supports the inclusion of new plug-ins. You can add as many plug-ins as necessary for the complete function of your website. The need for a blogging site will be understandably different from an e-commerce store. However, WordPress is one CMS that has the power to support both through the diversity of plug-ins it can support. You can turn any basic website into an online shopping destination by the addition of a few plug-ins for introducing shopping cart features, payment gateways, customer review collection, and inventory management.

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Higher Levels Of Security To Customers And Owners:

Aside from the plug-ins that support the growth of your business, WordPress websites also enjoy better security thanks to year-round updates from the developers. It is an opensource platform. Therefore, users are always coming up with better solutions to troubleshoot security concerns. This perfectly complements the release of security updates from the WordPress team at least twice a year. This includes the regular updates, as well as patches that can take care of the pertinent security issues. After the security challenges of 2016 and 2017 and the threats from malware, WordPress has upped their security game.

A Website Should Be Simple – To Use, Manage And Update:

You need to ensure that your e-commerce CMS is in tandem with the current trends in data management and website management. It should provide you a complete frontend and backend management system. For this, your CMS cum website builder needs to update their core framework and the compatible plug-ins from time to time. That is one of the primary reasons website developers from all around the world are in love with WordPress. Even with complex website development tasks at hand, developers often rely on WP and its repertoire of plug-ins to help them get the job done. Thankfully, when the time comes to update the backend, plug-ins, and UI, WordPress makes it easier by launching simple updates. These are mostly one-click updates that do not cause server downtime or complications with linked plug-ins.  These are uniform in nature, and even the entrepreneur, who owns the e-commerce site can run them if necessary.

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Users Always Come First:

Whether it is a simple blogging site or an e-commerce site, WordPress puts the user first. The inclusion or exclusion of e-commerce plug-ins does not upset the SEO friendly nature of websites. SEO plug-ins, including Yoast SEO for WordPress and All in One SEO Pack, can help with all website search engine optimization needs. WordPress makes it quite easy to stay on top the Google SERP for relevant searches. While SEO experts keep saying how e-commerce sites and CMS are not inherently SEO friendly, WordPress developers keep proving them wrong each time with their easy SEO updates.

Starting is website can be difficult but starting a website will e-commerce features is even more difficult. The price, complexity and necessary management keep a lot of potential entrepreneurs from creating their online stores. In a complex and confusing world of e-commerce website development, WordPress is a breath of fresh air. The blend of simplicity, integrity, and security ensures a robust e-commerce design that can break even in the next few months.

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