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4 Sustainable Home Improvement Ideas To Improve Your Home’s Value

As a homeowner, you should always be looking for ways to increase the value of your home. There are simple fixes you can do to increase the value of your home that are affordable but go a long way in improving your ROI.

Going green is something that everyone is trying to do. Why not start where you spend most of your time? Reducing your environmental footprint is the best way to start trying to save our planet.

Making sure your gas lines are secure and not leaking harmful and dangerous fumes is a good start. Your gas safety certificate cost will be put to good use if you get all of your gas appliances checked annually. You will feel better about yourself and your home if you make eco-friendly home improvements.

What are some steps you can take to ensure sustainability in renovation? Let’s look at four easy ways you can start today!

1.) Plant Trees:

What could be easier than planting trees? Planting trees will help improve the landscaping of your home and is also earth-friendly.

Not convinced?

Let’s look at how planting trees can increase the value of your home:

  • Plant shade trees that not only give a beautiful look to your home but also cut your cooling costs. Shade trees can cut costs by 40 percent.
  • Plant mature trees to add aesthetic value to your home.
  • Plant trees to improve the air quality around your home.
  • Plant trees on the boundary of your home for privacy.
  • Expect a 7 percent increase in the value of your home if you have trees as compared to those homes that do not.
  • In higher-end neighbourhoods, mature trees will add as much as a 10-15 percent increase in value to your home.
  • Trees save water by slowing down evaporation from lawns.
  • Trees slow down soil erosion by holding soil in place. If you have sloping lawns, trees are important.
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It is clear that the best green home improvements can be possible with little cost. With eco remodelling, you can greatly increase the value of your home but also provide environmental benefits.

  • Trees prevent climate change.
  • Trees clean the air.
  • Trees prevent water pollution.
  • Trees prevent soil erosion.
  • Trees conserve energy.

2.) Change Your Roof To Cut Energy Costs:

A cooler roof is a great way that will not only cut your electricity bill but is good for the environment. In a hot climate, this is a great way to cut energy costs. Our carbon footprint is something that everyone is trying to decrease.

We can do it every day by looking at what activities are causing carbon emissions. Decreasing energy usage is a great way to lessen your carbon footprint.

Not sure where to start? Let’s look at some ways you can get a cooler roof:

  • Install a metal roof. Metal roofs are cooler than other materials and now come in designs that look like tile, wood, and stone.
  • Coated roofs are also a great cooling roof option. Coated roofs are covered with a finish that will prevent heat from permeating.
  • Foam roofs also provide insulation. The foam substance is made up of two chemicals that are mixed that create a lightweight material.
  • Built-up roofing (BUR) systems are made up of multiple layers. Some of the layers are coated with reflective materials.
  • Cool Membrane roofing also is a cool roof option. This membrane can be made from fibreglass, felt, polyester, etc. It protects the roof from severe weather and provides insulation.


3.) Install A Solar Water Heater:

An eco-friendly home is incomplete without solar appliances. If you install a solar water heater, it not only reduces your carbon footprint but will also save you money in the long run. You can reduce your hot water bill by about 80 percent.

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Hot water is needed daily, and in many instances, hot water is essential for many businesses. If you could use the sun’s energy to supply hot water instead of fossil fuels, you can reduce your carbon footprint considerably.

Solar panels installed on your roof will provide solar energy for your water heater. Advantages of a solar water heater include:

  • Zero energy cost – The only cost is a one-time purchase of the solar panels. To make sure that you get hot water on a cloudy day, you need to make sure that you fine-tune your panels.
  • Solar panels are efficient – They solar panels convert 80% of energy so that a very small amount is lost.
  • Cheap installation – It is very economical to install solar panels and your solar water heater.
  • Low Maintenance Cost – Installing a solar water heater and solar panels requires a very low maintenance cost. As there are no moving parts, it will require less maintenance. Some solar water heater companies will guarantee their equipment for 2-25 years.
  • Requires less Space – Solar water heaters do not require a lot of space as the solar panels are installed on the roof.

4.) Explore Green Flooring:

Looking to change your flooring? Why not choose a green option. Hardwood flooring looks great, but now there are so many sustainable options on the market.

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For flooring to be considered sustainable, it has to be made from sustainable materials and made by a sustainable process. This includes harvest, production, use, and disposal processes.

Let’s look at some of the types of sustainable flooring:

  • Reclaimed Wood – Reclaimed wood flooring is made from many different sources like old warehouses, boxcars, coal mines, gymnasiums, homes, etc.
  • Bamboo – Bamboo flooring is made from a fast-growing renewable timber called Bamboo. It is naturally antibacterial, and installation is easy.
  • Cork – Cork flooring is extracted from the Cork Oak without harming the tree. It is a renewable and sustainable source and is naturally microbial. It provides excellent noise insulation.
  • Linoleum – This is made from dried flax seeds and other plant material. All materials are 100 percent biodegradable and renewable sources.
  • Rubber – Rubber flooring is made from rubber trees. It is easy to install and is anti-static.
  • Coconut Timber- This kind of flooring is made from a coconut tree that is about 60-80 years old tree that no longer bears fruit.

It’s Possible To Increase The Value Of Your House Through Sustainable Home Improvement:

There you have it—four easy ways to increase the value of your home that are green and completely sustainable. Low cost and easy on the carbon emissions, you can make these changes today and know that you are helping planet earth in a good way.

Muhammad ShoaibAbout the Author:

Muhammad Shoaib provides ghostwriting and copywriting services. His educational background in the technical field and business studies helps him in tackling topics ranging from career and business productivity to web development and digital marketing. He occasionally writes articles for gas safety certs.

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