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Why Is Snowflake So Valuable?

Under the leadership of CEO Frank Slootman, Snowflake had a successful IPO. With the cloud data warehouse, the Snowflake is doing well. Let’s know the complete details about Snowflake:

Snowflake is a company founded in 2021. The main focus of Snowflake is on the traditional market, but it is also successful through innovation and manages to breakthrough innovation. Snowflake has achieved it in a market where Oracle, Google and Amazon play an important role and major cloud players. Initially, Snowflake had started its journey as a cloud data warehouse solution, and now it is attaining crores of businesses. Snowflake eliminates architectural complexity. So, it is best to opt for the Snowflake course to sustain in this competitive technological era.

The benefits of Snowflake include:

  • Support for both structured and semistructured data
  • Speed and performance
  • Accessibility and concurrency
  • Security and availability
  • Seamless data sharing

Database Storage:

It is a layer that holds all the data loaded into the Snowflake data cloud platform, including semistructured and structured data. Snowflake manages all the aspects of storing the data: file size, organization, compression, statistics, and metadata.

Cloud Services:

Often, the cloud services layer uses ANSI SQL for coordinating the whole system. It can be helpful to eliminate the need for tuning of the manual data warehouse. The cloud services include:

  • Metadata management
  • Authentication
  • Query parsing and optimization
  • Infrastructure management
  • Access control

Flexible Data Platform As A Service:

Snowflake’s products can make a great impression. It manages to take the entire configuration, installation, maintenance and management away from the customers. Also, Snowflake offers a simple platform with enormous data that can be easily brought together in a single database. In the Snowflake data cloud platform, all kinds of actions can be applied to the data, such as enabling data analysis and restructuring data.

Snowflake Is A Cloud-Agnostic Platform:

The Snowflake has been built from the ground level. It is referred to as a cloud-native solution that can be run on Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Standard cloud principles were considered while designing the Snowflake platform. Affordability and scalability are some of the standard cloud principles. Snowflake platforms secure the data and ensure to meet all the requirements around governance and compliance.

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Working With Snowflake:

Snowflake data cloud platforms can be used in two ways. Developers can analyse and retrieve data through the Snowflake API. Also, customers can use some web interfaces, in which the results can be seen in your browser. It depends on the Structured Query Language (SQL), which most of the developers must be familiar with data analysts. SQL is considered one of the easiest languages for working, especially with data. Besides, you have to use different SQL commands in the web interface to work with Snowflake.

Developers working with API can have the flexibility to work with any programming language combined with Structured Query Language (SQL). Open Database Connectivity and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) are the available interfaces for Snowflake, allowing it to connect to the Snowflake database in any programming language.

Snowflake has the ability to handle structured data like Excel sheets or CSV files consisting of rows, tables and columns. Moreover, Snowflake also adapted to the cloud and hence also handled JSON and XML databases. The data from SaaS solutions is required to be processed in Snowflake. It is very simple to retrieve the data by using SQL and combine the data quickly from various tables, even if it concerns millions of rows.

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Moreover, Snowflake has launched Snowpark, which is a new developer experience. Snowpark allows data scientists, data engineers, and developers to code in the programming language of their choice by using familiar programming concepts. Also, they have to execute some workloads like data preparation, ETL/ELT, and feature Snowflake engineering.

Leader In Metadata:

The Snowflake has been trying to embrace the cloud model. The user can pay for the actual usage and determine when to deploy the workload. As a company with the Snowflake platform, you may have more control over your deployed workloads.

If you have a vast database with thousands of records in which you are willing to analyze the data. Then you have to choose your work related to data analysts with a limited set to get the right algorithms and queries. Suppose you are successful, then they can be applied to the complete data set in order to lead to the right result.

This is easy to set up in the Snowflake data cloud platform. Scaling up in time is a vital thing. If you have developed such an algorithm and query to apply to a gigantic set of data, then it is an excellent idea to scale up the workloads. We got this in the demonstration that makes a difference and helps in saving money. If you want to deploy Snowflake in a production where the database is used every time, you must choose a workload and the requests in several situations.

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Sharing Data And Collaborating:

Nowadays, there is a limited demand for data analysts. Hence, organizations regularly hire external analysts to help them analyze the crucial data of the business. Snowflake enables the outside users of the organization in order to work with the data. That’s why the user rights can be customized. Also, it is possible to determine which type of data must be accessed. Hence, it is possible to allow the external data engineer to work with the limited data set. While doing this process, some crucial and sensitive data is withheld.

Data Exchange:

The Snowflake often facilitates data exchange. Anyone having valuable data sets shares them with other Snowflake users. All this process can be done for free. For example, there are many databases with data about IP addresses globally. The Snowflake data exchange can be the most important source in developing applications quickly.


The Snowflake data cloud platform continues to be innovative. It enables the data cloud as a global network where many companies are mobilizing data. Many big tech companies are already using Snowflake in order to accelerate data science projects and application development projects. In the coming years, the solution becomes more extensive. I hope this article helps you. Happy Learning!

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I’m Anji Velagana; a B.Tech graduate working as a Freelance Content Writer at Coursedrill & interested in writing content related to Snowflake technology.

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