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The Most Common Myths About Online Gaming

This has been a very interesting topic for years amongst people that do not play online. Also Slotozilla will provide you list of preferred casinos where you will be able to play for free as well as for real money They offer exciting welcome bonuses together with free spins, So, let us start explaining by providing some of the facts, to allow the fiction to be illuminated and you can continue to play online.

  • Fixed Games: Most people that do not like online gambling or find it illegal, will say that the machines are fixed anyways. You will have no fair chance of winning. However, this is not true. Although the house always has the edge, they have no reason to be skeptic about their ability to win online.
  • Winners do not get paid out: This has been said so many times, some believe that the casino can refuse to pay you out your winnings should you be a winner. Does this make sense? With so many people playing online for real money, why will there be a continuous growth of players if the casino never pays out any winnings?
  • Online addiction: This is a very interesting topic. Are there online gamblers that are addicted to gambling? Most definitely, however, we do not believe that online gambling is more addictive than land-based casinos. They offer the same services; however, it will all depend on the players and if they have addictive personalities. This topic is much broader than what we can discuss here. Should you wish to retrieve more information on this matter, feel free to visit the site at the link provided.
  • Counting cards online: Is it possible to count cards online? Yes, it is possible; however, is it easier to count cards at home online, No. This myth has in fact brought players under the wrong impression. It is actually harder to count cards online as the RNG is dealing the cards, they will determine how the cards are selected.
  • Lonely people play online: It is normally more fun to rock up at a land-based casino to have some fun. However, our time is always limited. This allows players to play online and have an equally good time, especially when playing in live casinos where there is live interaction. There may be a few people that are introverts that prefer being alone, but playing online is a form of entertainment and having a wider variety of games to choose from will not leave you lonely.
  • Slots are programmed: This is totally a myth. There is no such thing as the slots are programmed to win or to lose. There are however certain cases that the machine reaches where it may reach a hot streak, paying out more than you would normally get, however, the opposite is also not true. Where a machine has not paid out any winnings recently, and the player is convinced to keep on playing as it is due to change.


  • Jackpots won: Once a jackpot has been won, it is no guarantee to say that the machine will not pay out any large amounts. Each spin is totally random, with the RNG and with all the licensing bodies; it is always ensured that all spins are fair and legal.
  • Online in-game bonuses are bogus: This is also not true. When signing up your account and you make your first deposit, you will receive a welcome bonus that normally will be part of a match bonus which will total 100% or more on your match. The bonuses are all real and will give you the opportunity to win real prizes. Although bonuses have wagering requirements it still enjoyable to have the free spins to use.
  • You lose easier with Bonus payments: This is not true either, touching on what we have discussed above. Bonuses are there to give you a better chance at practicing the real slots together with enhancing the customer experience. All casinos have different bonuses and requirements, however, it cannot be said that you will lose more in your bonus rounds. If this were true, the casino would’ve been unethical, and under the license and regulations, such practices are illegal.
  • New slots are variety: This has an element of truth linked to it. New slots do give variety and will allow you to resume without feeling down. Once you have had a bad round or you reach a losing streak, some people rather try to move to a different slot than to play again online. If you provide variety, it keeps the players interested, and they become excited and make decisions that will benefit all.
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So, some people prefer playing online and from their own house to sitting in the casino feeling uncomfortable and nervous. But that has nothing to do with the casino or type of casino. It is every player’s choice how they would like to spend their time.

Hopefully, the points mentioned in this article will shed some light, as it might have been very confusing if you are not used to the casino set up, and you are only focused on what you might think you know about online casinos.  So if you feel like taking a spin online, you are free to do so, always make sure this is what you want to do, as the risk will be your responsibility in the end.

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