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How To Choose The Right Airbnb Management Company?

Short-term rent on Airbnb takes a lot of time for the property owner. He needs to deal with prices, booking, messaging, cleaning. This is an incomplete list of the duties of the owner, which he must perform regularly and in time so that his guests are satisfied with the rest.

If a person has tremendous experience in providing such services, maybe he would have coped. But such cases are rare. Many rental owners, having taken on such a burden, begin to look for managers in a panic. Well, if you can quickly find it. If you lose time, you can lose business.

Risks When Working With A Bad Airbnb Management Company:

Choosing a management company, the owner of rental real estate should be extremely attentive. An inexperienced or frivolous organization can cause a lot of harm. In particular, you can:

  • Get negative reviews from guests. This will drop your ads in the list;
  • Get broken furniture, life support systems at the end of the lease;
  • Lose business.

To prevent this, you need to contact only proven management companies that have an impeccable reputation for a long time. At first, you should monitor the work of the company.

What To Look For When Choosing A Management Company:

You have a tough task ahead of you. You must choose a reliable company that will not only fulfil the duties assigned to it but also bring you profit and contribute to the prosperity of the business. If everything is in order, your cooperation can become long-term. Companies perform a whole range of works on the management of the tourism business.

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How To Get A License?

License requirements vary not only by country but also by individual municipalities. The rules of short-term rentals change frequently. The owner is responsible to the local authorities for compliance with the law.

The question is, will the owner of the lease be able to delve into all the nuances without attracting the help of the management company? Maybe he can. But how much time and nerves will it take? Is it not better to entrust the issues of jurisprudence and taxation to specialists who do this regularly and professionally.



Price is an important factor affecting the success of short-term rentals when the rest of the parameters are approximately equal. The correct establishment of the cost of rent, depending on the conditions created, is an opportunity to surpass competitors and maintain the profitability of the rental business at the right level. It’s not an easy task. You do not want to make it cheaper, and the high price at some points scares away customers.

Here is what Master Host offers to optimize prices:

  • Conduct an analysis of the prices of competitive hotels, hostels;
  • Compare amenities, a number of rooms, distance to public transport and entertainment venues. Take into account the seasonal demand for customers;
  • Pay attention to weekends and weekdays;
  • Follow the holding of festivals or concerts.

As you can see, the price depends on many factors. Only professional accounting of all parameters can bring the desired income.

Airbnb Concierge Service:

This service makes sure that guests really enjoy their holidays. Around the clock, people solve organizational issues to improve the conditions for tourists in the rented premises. To increase your rating, the owner of the lease must promptly respond to all the requirements of the guests.

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Vacationers expect:

  • Quick check-in without problems;
  • That there should always be a connection with them;
  • Respectful attitude on the part of the staff;
  • Nice send home.

All this is organized by the Concierge Service of Airbnb. With it, no issue will remain unresolved. At the request of guests, Master Host provides:

  • Arrivals at any time of the day;
  • Organization of excursions;
  • Organization of flights and trips;
  • Acquaintance with cafes, restaurants, reservation of tables;
  • Booking tickets for various events at the request of guests.

In addition, the management company in the daily mode solves the issues of maintenance and cleaning.

Integration With Other Platforms:

Judging by the latest STR statistics, Airbnb holds an 81% share in the travel market. In the second position VRBO with 11%. It is followed by, which has 6%. The software works with all three platforms. This allows us to achieve maximum occupancy rates of rental objects every year.

The Value Of Reviews:

Management company Master Host is particularly sensitive to issues related to cleaning and laundry. It is because of the negative feedback from customers. Many tourists do not choose rent, where the work of restoring order in the premises is not at the right level. This area of activity can raise the rating of the owner or completely destroy the business.

According to Pareto’s law, 80% of the results of the lease valuation depend on 20% of the input data. The vast majority of negative responses are associated with an unprofessional approach to restoring and maintaining cleanliness and order in the premises and on the territory. By the way, 80% of rental owners admit that they spend the most time on this.

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The desire of the property owner to take on cleaning services can be understood. At first glance, they seem simple and ordinary. We do it all at home. But here is a different situation. At home, we can forget something, miss something. In business, this does not go unpunished. A few such cases and your business may disappear. Therefore, cleaning the premises and washing clothes is also better to give in professional hands.

Maintenance Of Real Estate:

Many owners consider the maintenance of real estate to be unimportant. They are ready to repair when something breaks. And what if the guest has been using a broken cabinet for a week and the owner does not know about it? The host was not used to the constant control of the property. This work in management companies is put at the proper level. Maintenance is a must.

Master Host maintains rental properties every six months, regardless of their condition. Prevention is always more reliable and cheaper. Measures to inspect real estate and furniture during the holidays are carried out even more often: after 4-5 months. A large influx of guests creates a load on the objects of use.

The company has a list of services for three types of maintenance of the rental premises:

  1. Maintenance;
  2. Provision of consumables for hygiene;
  3. Technical services in case of accidents.

The host can choose the types of services or accept the entire package. The real estate support company’s activities are a guarantee that your ads will be high in the lists, thanks to positive reviews.

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