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5 Steps To Develop An Effective Content Strategy

Because of its proven strength and effectivity, content marketing has now easily become the marketing strategy of choice for many contemporary marketers. If you wish to keep up with the competition, it’s also important also for your business to come up with effective and good-quality content all the time.

To be able to achieve the highest standard of content, it’s not one for you to breeze through at the last minute. It takes a lot of planning to come up with the best content strategies that’ll work for your business. Without which, you’re never going to come up with content that converts, catches the attention of your target audience, and makes sales.

With that said, it’s not yet too late to start developing an effective content strategy. What does it mean to gather the right content planning strategies?  These tips can help you out:

1.) Define Your Content’s Objectives:

You aren’t just posting content for random reasons. Surely, you’ve got a goal you intend on achieving. So, as a very first step, it pays to start by defining your content’s objectives. This means identifying first who you are as a website or as a business entity. Then, what can your content do to uplift this identity, such that you stand out from the competition?  This gears your content towards a unified purpose, which shapes every single piece you publish on your website or your social media sites.

Next, you’ve got to narrow that purpose down more specifically this time. What’s the main purpose for coming up with your content?  Is it to inform?  Is it to sell?  Is it to show your customers how to use your products and services?  Or, is it to inspire them of the ways your products and services can solve some of the common problems or needs of the customers within your niche?

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Your content’s objectives serve as your core foundation. With that, when the time comes for you to do the periodic audit on your content, you’ve also got a means to check or ascertain whether or not these goals are met.

2.) Determine Your Target Audience:

Yes, you’ll want to reach as wide of an audience as you can on the Internet through your website’s content. But, this general goal shouldn’t get in the way of identifying and specifically addressing your target audience. This refers to that demographic of Internet users who are most likely going to read your content because they’re interested in the niche you belong to.

It’s very important to determine your target audience. Otherwise, your content might not be fine-tuned for their needs and preferences, so there’s no way now for you to lead them towards reading your content, as well as patronizing your products and services.

Getting to know your target audience entails having these pieces of information:

  • Where your target audience gets to spend their time online
  • What the common woes or complains of your target audience are, and how your products can be the solution to these problems (e.g. skincare issues for acne problems, gadgets for your target market looking for tools to improve their productivity)
  • What your target audience spends their money on


3.) Identify The Best Channels To Use For Your Content:

While there are now so many channels you can choose from to post your content on, these channels aren’t universally equal or alike. There are some channels that work best with certain types of content, so this is something you’ve got to factor in. If not, then a mismatch can ensue, which will only render your content marketing as ineffective.

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For example, if you’re more attuned to posting videos, then you’re better off on YouTube or on Instagram’s stories feature. If you prefer photos to form a bulk of your content type, Instagram and Pinterest are your best bet. For blog and article-type content, posting it on your website and Facebook should work well.

4.) Perform Keyword Research:

Doing keyword research is also very important. This step can take your content marketing strategy up to another level, such that you’ll then be able to abide by the metrics that search engine optimization (SEO) sets. Remember that to be able to keep up with the competition and make it to the top page results of search engines, compliance with SEO standards is very important.

With that said, among all of the SEO strategies you have to follow, one of the most important that relates with your content is having the right keywords. These refer to the evergreen words, or those terms usually keyed in by Internet users on search engines when they perform the search. When your content has these keywords in place, the crawlers of search engines have something to skim through after an Internet user makes a search. This helps your website make it to the top landing pages.

If you haven’t done so already, keyword research should, therefore, form a significant part of your content planning and marketing strategies. Here are some tips on how you can perform this accurately:

  • Make a list of fresh, relevant, and updated topics that are related to your content or business niche. From those topics, you can also have a list of the words that are directly related.
  • Research other related terms, such that you aren’t just too focused on the main keywords itself, but you can also touch on the other terms that are directly related. This broadens your topic’s reach.
  • Use keyword research tool to your advantage.
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5.) Perform Competitive Analysis:

Lastly, the competition. There’s no excitement in business and content marketing without the competition. As you’ll do so with your target audience, developing an effective content planning and marketing strategy also means performing competitive analysis.

It’s not about copying what the competition is doing. After all, to stand out, you’ll want to be authentic and original. Rather, it’s about using what the competition is and isn’t doing to your advantage for content inspiration. For instance, is there any content the competition hasn’t been able to touch on yet?  That’s an area of opportunity for you to be the first to post content regarding that point.

Performing competitive analysis ensures you aren’t just posting content that converts and drives sales, but you’re also able to keep up with, if not outperform, the competition.


As you can see, there are many things that come into play in the creation of your content strategy. But, going through each of these steps is necessary. By doing so, you don’t end up with content that’s only half-baked. When your purpose is to be competitive, to capture your audience’s attention, and to make sales, then it’s important to step up your effort in ensuring you come up with top-quality content. These steps are quite straightforward. Take it one step at a time, and, soon enough, you’re going to notice the difference in the quality you produce.

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