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How To Use Graphic Design In Content Marketing?

From time immemorial, we humans are visual creatures. So, even when we are in the 21st century, we are can’t get over light, colors, and meaningful imagery. Therefore, its reflection is visible all over the content marketing field. Contents must be such that people want to share with others attracted by its graphic design aspect. For your content marketing, you can definitely hire a graphic designer in South Africa. But what if you want to do it yourself? You would have to produce content with the right visual storytelling and good design.

When you create the right visuals for a brand, it performs well on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. If you want to share your content with a wider audience than your native place, it requires lots of shares. Therefore, it is important to heed to creating visual assets that will contribute to your goal. Once you figure out what type of design and visual storytelling gets the right attention, be regular with it.

In content marketing, communication is a big key that ensures you can reach more people through it. After all, people who will come across your content will become your potential customers. But before creating content with graphic designing, you must look into the elements that determine your content to engage people.

Color Theory, Typography, Shapes, And Contrast:

Color theory sets your brand’s tone, so you must create the color pallet and stay consistent with it. When it’s about content marketing, color psychology plays a pivotal role. The real challenge is not selecting colors but creating the right color scheme. Your message will rely on the color scheme and how it will work in your favor.

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Next to the color scheme comes the typography. Your content can look blunt and not thought-provoking without the right typography. The brand’s personality reflects through the typography and evokes the tonality, mood, and intention of the business. It draws the attention of visitors and drives home a feeling when they read it. Either you create a graphic design that effectively connects with the audience or hires a graphic designer in South Africa to do it for you.

So, what shape or shapes must you choose while producing a visual component? You must first determine what the component has to convey. The colors, typography, and shapes must go hand-in-hand. For the shapes, you can check out various brand logos and see how they are conveying the message to the audience. While creating the design, don’t forget to add contrast to it. After all, a design with the right amount of whitespace and visuals is more engaging to people than a stuffed design.


Add Call-To-Action (CTA):

Now almost all, contents come with a CTA that can surely grab the attention of the visitors. When visitors see a CTA, it immediately directs their mind to take the next step and helps with the continuation of interaction. It can transform the potential prospect into a potential lead or even a customer. Mostly we see the CTAs within blog articles, webpages, and downloadable contents. CTA encourages the reader to perform the intended action like entering details in a form, clicking a link, and/or share the content. As you place the CTA strategically, it dramatically improves customer experience for sure. If your customer has a great experience, they will want to engage with your brand more and endorse your brand too. A professional graphic designer in South Africa will, without a doubt, create an engaging CTA for content marketing sites.

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Infographics Ensure More Engagement:

We all know storytelling is an art and when it meets visual representation, it works the best. Therefore, in your content marketing strategy, smart infographics will be a crucial part. Among all the visual offerings, infographics definitely stand out. Also, you can build scalable links as people share your content. Do you know that studies show, brain stores visual memory better? That’s why, when we come across graphics and photos, it either creates interest in us or doesn’t. Therefore, it determines whether the content is engaging or not.

With infographics, you can present your information with clarity. So, it is a great way to appeal to the brand’s customers visually. We know that giving detailed information is effective, but it can be dull to read on. But when you add infographics into the mix, it dramatically encourages the readers to read more and carry CTA actions. A blog post, web page gets more attention with the addition of infographics complementing the graphics and colors. Hire a graphic designer in South Africa to focus on your vision while the graphic designer takes care of the graphical part.

Blog Post Graphics Are In-demand:

Most times, for content marketing, people use graphic designs. Therefore, we see many custom-designed images or designs from stock design or photography sites. But of course, the custom-made designs look more appealing as they convey a message with more accuracy. It also helps with more social media shares and search engine traffic. When you add graphics in a blog post, it determines the length of an article. Without any images or illustrations, people easily get bored reading a blog post. But when there are graphics after one-two paragraphs, it helps to keep the audience interested. However, before posting the images or designs, they need to be resized and compressed. It will help not speed up your overall website’s loading speed, unlike the uncompressed, big designs. Therefore, create designs in relation to the blog to drive more traffic.

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Social Media Images For Content Marketing:

When a social media post has an image, it boosts the share-ability of the post. As images immediately attract the attention of the viewers and they are more likely to share. However, it is better to post a different picture than the featured image of your blog post. It makes the audience less motivated to share the post. So, always create separate social media images to keep your audience engaged. It will ensure what types of images get more share than the others. Also, when you use different images for various platforms, you can re-share the content multiple times. It won’t look like repetitive content getting posted, and people will want to read and share. You need to create compelling social media images that include how-to’s, quotes, etc. It will show your audience that they get value in various ways from your posts. Do consider a professional graphic designer in South Africa to provide you quality social media images for your content.

Your content’s share-rate and consumption-rate depend largely on visual imagery. That’s why the best content marketers in the industry incorporate graphics creatively into the content they create. As a result, they receive substantial traffic, visitors, leads, and even potential customers. The design will play a significant role in driving revenue from your content. So, it’s an essential aspect of content marketing strategy.

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