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What Is The Neurosphere: The Main Idea Of The Startup

The Neurosphere ( is a decentralized platform for artificial intelligence development. Its main task is to connect businesses that need monitoring using neural networks with the people that can do this job. The development of neural networks involves the engagement of an impressive number of qualified experts and the development of a platform for their training. However, these actions are not only costly but also take a lot of time. Let us discuss the main idea of the Neurosphere platform, what the work process looks like, and who can participate in the project.

How The Neurosphere Improves Accuracy Of Neural Networks – The Idea Behind The Project:

The development of any AI consists of two steps.

  1. The first step is data markup. It is a very simple but monotonous and time-consuming process. It involves studying one hundred thousand to about a million pieces of data to train a neural network.
  2. The second step involves writing a neural network. It is a simulation of a small part of the human brain, which, by analogy with the user, will solve various problems. During training, the neural network is “rewarded” for correct decisions and “punished” for mistakes.

Thus, it is possible to easily create any solution. The data markers do their job and it gets checked for mistakes; based on the provided information they train the model and develop an API.

The main idea is for any person to be able to participate in the training of the neural network. The process is similar to a game for children. We look at the picture of a cat and try to identify what kind of animal this is – choosing between a dog, a chicken, or a cat. Thus, people not only benefit society but also are able to earn money. The main task of AI is to predict the best method for achieving a goal by providing possible scenarios.

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Many are interested in what is more important in the Neurosphere ideology – training neural networks or a social function (providing work for people with disabilities, students, retirees, etc.). Employees claim that they have been working with AI for a long time, and during this time it became quite clear that the business cannot allocate a separate section for data science, which, in its turn, can create solutions based on neural networks. The data markup requires a tremendous amount of time, and the artificial intelligence market has not yet emerged. There are no large organizations and companies in this field. The intention is to develop an infrastructure that could benefit everyone.

The Neurosphere employees say that during the platform development it became clear that a new profession could appear very soon – a data marker. Therefore, focusing on only one aspect – the social or educational functions – would be wrong as every element is equally important here.


The Neurosphere Platform – A Working Process:

Here is how it works: the user performs a test task; those people who have chosen 99% of answers correctly can continue their work. The reward for the test task is symbolic – hundredths of a cent (payment is made in cryptocurrency). Upon its completion, other users check the information for any mistakes.

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If the majority of the answers match, the data is sent for further processing. The priority is the number, for example: if 8 people select one answer, and the other 2 people selected another one – the larger number wins. The participants have a confidence rating. If a person deliberately provides a wrong answer, his rating drops, and, therefore, he receives less money.

Corporate clients often use artificial intelligence services. A company, a scientific organization, a community group submit a request with the Neurosphere for AI assistance. For example, if a company designs prostheses, the Neurosphere will tell you how to make better quality cheaper prostheses. If a community group asks how to reduce crime in a certain area, the AI will be trained to find a solution. AI training for a particular company includes conducting a customer survey, research, and questions required for customization. Research makes it possible to plot a vector for training artificial intelligence, and the users’ answers to the questions help to identify the real needs of people to improve products according to the demand of the target audience. In addition, the platform independently generates requests for solving global problems.

The main system algorithms work the following way: There is a large amount of data for each order. It consists of the organization’s problems or tasks, goals, resources owned by the company, scientific research, and people’s answers. This information is encrypted with the XOR algorithm. The information transfer between servers and devices takes place using public-key encryption technology. It is necessary not to let hackers intercept any of the intermediate data. All information is randomized in order to be sent to completely different parts of the globe. Thus, it is possible to achieve maximum decentralization and independence.

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The data is divided into small blocks to make it possible to train small devices with low capacity. Every hour, each device receives a block of data (small devices – 1 block, large – a set of blocks, it is distributed according to the capacity). The devices train the neural network based on this information within one hour. After that, the final model of the neural network is sent to the Neurosphere servers.

The Neurosphere Platform – A Reward System:

Absolutely any user can work with this data, regardless of their age, occupation, or education level. On average, you can earn about $5 an hour and about $300-400 a month.

As it was mentioned earlier, payments are made in cryptocurrency. However, digital money is very easy to transfer to a bank card or any other payment system. If a person does not want to take risks, it is possible to withdraw money immediately, in dollars, at a fixed rate. If you earned a few dollars in 1 hour, you can convert them into real money – it is that simple.

A fast-paced development of the Neurosphere platform could make it possible that 1-2 months from now the amount will go up – from $5 to $7 an hour. However, there are no guarantees; it all depends on the users.

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