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How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Mobile App Personalization?

Artificial Intelligence is buzzing around the globe by shaping new ways to interact with human lives. The launch of Siri by Apple is considered as the beginning of the AI era in mobile applications and since then it has constantly seen a rise by unlocking many possibilities in the mobile apps development area.

The Artificial Intelligence term is associated with the ability to copy smart behavior and enable the machines in order to mimic humans. AI with the lack of big data is unimaginable because it is incorporated in different verticals such as machine learning, machine vision, natural language processing, knowledge management and problem-solving.

Currently, all portable devices such as tablets and smart devices are utilizing the sensors more than any other computing system. They do not only see or hear but can catch variation in temperatures, calculates real-time speed and humidity of the device. But when it comes to AI, the sensors are not enough. Artificial intelligence needs an epic level of processing power. Another such attractive feature is Natural Language Processing and content delivery network which is the main reason behind these battery-operated devices that can be easily connected to the internet and also they are highly reliable on cloud computing.

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Role Of AI In Mobile App Development:

A mobile application is not more than the assemblage of the services, and in fact, it is borrowed from various service providers by means of APIs that are packed under a native software package. All the third-party APIs give immense capabilities to mobile apps in order to predict the weather data, stock status, make online payments and much more on a user’s requests. Similar to that, the capabilities of artificial intelligence are integrated with the help of third-party APIs using the intellectual power of Natural Language Processing (NLP). There are multiple APIs available in the market to enable such functionalities in your mobile app. For the Android and iOS devices, Google Assistant and Siri Kit are the most popular ones.

While AI is becoming an important part of our app ecosystem, the future impact revolves around different factors.

  • Plan: A task or goal is what the users want to perform a few activities using AI. For instance – Searching a contact number or ordering food.
  • Action: An interaction that you develop for Siri supports a specific process and fulfills the user’s request.
  • Commitment: Any type of service, app, or feed is able to handle all the orders and carry out the respective actions.

With the AI integration like SiriKit, every mobile interaction revolves around these future elements to clear the doubts and ensure the user to get their work done by installing fewer apps.

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What Is A Personalized Experience Using AI?

There are possibly two ways for the user to tell their query to the smartphone, be it text or speech. However, when we talk about AI, users have variant options to give a direction. So, what actually is a personalized experience according to the users? The main goal of the application is to offer a personalized experience to every smartphone user. For instance – When you make use of the maps in the morning to check the traffic status and Facebook feed before going to sleep; AI programs are well-trained with the available data in order to improvise with time. The OS suggests variant applications at different points of time. Suggesting apps is another thing but delivering personalized experience is vital.

Let us take an example of the user who makes use of his favorite food ordering app to order lunch on a daily basis. He opens the app, looks out for the restaurants, selects the order from the menu and orders them. This entire process consumes him 10 to 15 min every day. Meanwhile, another app comes into the market with an AI-based search engine. The user performs the actions in a similar way as the traditional app but this time, the app tracks all the records and suggests relevant notifications only.


The Future Ahead:

AI allows numerous possibilities for innovation in the mobile app industry because AI technology is the future of the mobile industry. AI is changing how the users are interacting with the application services and products by linking them to an ecosystem of smart apps altogether in order to get personalized user experience.

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The majority of the businesses are looking forward to adopting an AI-enabled mobile application to gain tremendous benefits from the predictive analysis. The users are shifting their preferences towards the authentication for the future advancements and high-tech development of mobile apps. An intelligent ecosystem gathers a vast pool of behavioral interest and social data that can be used to increase further revenue and improvise the user experience. Here, we come to the end of the article. We hope you have understood the importance of artificial intelligence for personalizing mobile app development. Try out the basic tactics to enhance the customer experience and till then – Keep Learning!

Kibo HutchinsonAbout the Author:

Kibo Hutchinson working as a Technology Analyst at Tatvasoft UK which is a mobile app development company in London. She has a keen interest in learning the latest practices of development so she is spending her most of the time on the Internet navigating the unique topics and technology trends. You can click here to know more about her company.

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      Welcome here and thanks for reading our article and sharing your view. This will be very helpful to us to let us motivate to provide you more awesome and valuable content from a different mind. Thanks for reading this article.

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