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The Secret Of Grabbing Almost Everyone’s Attention Towards Your Website

Besides boosting traffic, your customer base, sales, and publicity, maintaining a website also involves quite a bit of work. Maintaining a website should mainly consist of creating and improving on content in order to acquire new customers and clients. Your content is the frontrunner of your site. No matter how high your search rankings are, if you do not have the appropriate content, then people will not linger on your pages for long.

There are several different types of information that should be made available through your content. But the first step to creating high quality content is knowing the topic or subject that your audience is looking to read. After narrowing this down through the use of keyword research, you need to research and gather information about your topics in order to write about them in an authoritative way. The crucial step then comes with presenting the information that you have actually gathered.

Organizing your content is often a tough job. Unless you are a skilled writer (or have the budget to hire one), you will find it difficult to get your reader’s attention through just your words. Most people will likely only read the first few sentences to begin with; after that, they get either hooked or bored with your content.

Adding other content aside from textual information might step up your website’s game. According to the Social Science Research Network, more than 65% of people are visual learners. This means that people are more likely to remember pictures or symbols associated with information than just the information itself if presented as purely factual. Instead, they would rather see information presented in the form of a story so that they learn and remember more of what they see.

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For that reason, we need to acknowledge the importance of pictures, images, and photos in the content we are delivering to our readers and customers. Here are some reasons why you need to spice up your next published article with quality and professional images and photos:


The Visual Era:

Try to notice everyone around you. Some are taking selfies of themselves, of their food, of their surroundings. Another might be surfing and posting on Instagram or getting ideas from Pinterest. Or, just like you, you might be reading an article and find yourself bored to death because you could not find any picture or an extra visual stimulant.

Images tend to magnetize people. There’s a 14% increase in views if the article has an image compared to just plain text. Products sell big time not because of the caption, but because of the images they represent.


Photos get attention. After reading the headline or even before reading the headlines on the newspaper, we are drawn to the image plastered on the front page first. Just like with your site, more people are drawn to the images accompanying the text, particularly if they tell a story that is bolstered by the text.

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Providing photos might be a sign of authentic content. High quality and professional photos are a proof that your article is original, well researched, and well written. Original and professionally taken photos save you from copyright and royalty fees. Copying and saving a stock image without licensing it might get you in trouble for copyright infringement, so it is better to use original photos in your site.

Burst by Shopify contains a wide range of free original photo collections without royalties that could boost the content of your website.  Burst empowers designers, developers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs to create stunning websites and marketing campaigns.

These are just some of the ways that visual imagery impacts the content of your website. If used to tell a story, visual content marketing can go a long way in drawing in many new customers and clients to your website and increasing your conversion rates on products and services.

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