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Outstanding App Ideas For Startups To Launch In 2020

Have you noted this? Many sectors are experiencing shrinking jobs. But in the technological industry, multiple opportunities are opening for you. If you have never thought of investing, begin today, and focus on technology.

There is a rising demand for apps, and they have become key in the world of business. Many businesses are using apps to carry out their activities. You can reach your customers through apps and even transact business with them. If you are an entrepreneur, you need an excellent app to promote your future business growth.

Are you a developer? If you came up with app ideas that satisfy each client’s needs, it would be helpful. Everyone is looking for app ideas that suit their businesses. For startups, you can begin with these. They are the best app ideas you can launch in 2020. 

Medical App:

Life is changing, and the usual medical field is experiencing some changes. People are looking for a more natural way to consult medics and get treatment. With this kind of an app, you can seek treatment at the comfort of your home. There is also much advice you can get from a medical specialist when using this app.

For a startup, this is among the best app ideas you can be thinking of. Many people go to the hospital for treatment. As you are a developer, you can make their life more comfortable and better by coming up with such a medical app. You have assured many subscribers across the world.

During this COVID 19, patients are worried about going to the hospital. For fear of contracting the coronavirus, they would want to consult doctors while at home. It is easier for them to achieve that by use of a medical app.

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You will find many medical apps in the market. It would be best if you made yours extraordinary with additional features that cannot be found from other medical apps.

Ensure you include all the likely diseases and explain their symptoms. Give your app users a list of medical terms and what they mean. You can also offer a customer medical summary to those who use your app.

Make your medical app stand out by giving a list of top doctors and their respective fields. With all that, you can rest assured that your app stands out among the others.

Grocery App:

You are likely to go grocery shopping, not less than two times a month. Many people expected to pick their stuff within the first days after the start of the month. You can develop an app to make their shopping easy.

A good app will enable the users to add products of their choice to their cart during the month. Then can then schedule it to a set date. The app can also assist the retailers in overcoming supply challenges easily.

Grocery app ideas will earn you a lot of users. It will translate into an alert of income, and almost all people shop for groceries. You can shop easily by developing such app ideas. While many grocery apps are already in the market, you can make yours stand out.

You can make it unique by including a zero cancellation fee since many charges for that. Besides, make it in a manner that users can use it to compare prices from different stores. Also, include a no minimum order in your app. You will attract more users by making the grocery app unique that those exist.

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Travel App Ideas:

Traveling is something that is not coming to an end soon. You can come up with unique travel ideas that outshine the ones that exist. These apps can help travelers to plan their trips. They can use to know the best places to visit, depending on the season. It is because some places to visit will offer the best base on the season of the year.

You can be more innovative when developing travel app ideas. Build an app that can suggest a travel destination to the users. Ensure that the app can offer a Travel guide. You will have done a great deal to travelers with such app ideas.


Food Management App:

Many apps enable food delivery to your doorstep. But an app idea that can inform you about food surplus will be the most fantastic thing you can have. Many needy people will appreciate your support. Just look for an app to help manage the food not to waste and distribute it to those in need.

The restaurant owners can also use the food management app ideas to reduce excess food waste. Any amount obtained from such management can be delivered to charity homes.

Money-Saving App:

Many people want to have a bright future by saving money for investment. But saving can be very hard. The reason is that what you get may not be enough to consume and keep. No matter how little you get, you can save a small percentage of it.

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You can come up with a money-saving app if you are a developer. You will help so many people who struggle to save but in vain. The app can help them with how to cut costs. Besides, the users can apply it to calculate what they can save for any amount they get. Ensure the app can also direct them on the best ways to save.

Disaster Alert Apps:

Disaster has become a common phenomenon. It causes loss of lives and properties. Developing such app ideas can be a great help to humanity. People can use the app to know about the impending danger.

Safety apps do not have to be tied to disaster only. You can make them in a way that they can be used to track children. There are many global security issues, and safety apps or disaster apps can be used to alert any insecurity issue.


Technology is progressing and making life easier and better. You can begin to create the apps based on the above app ideas. Whether in the medical industry or security, you will get many users and earn a lot with medical and safety apps. The food industry is another division where you can develop excellent and applicable app ideas to help people. Many would want to manage food to avoid a lot of waste. Besides, they wish to offer surplus to the needy. With food app ideas, you can make it easy for them.

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