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What Really Drives Your Customer Experience?

If a prospect is buying from you, it indicates that they have made it past through the buyer’s journey phase. It means that you have succeeded in connecting with the prospect. Now the responsibility is to keep that relationship sustained. Selling something to someone is one thing, and sustaining that relationship is another which will determine your success.

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”DA Warner, J.P Morgan Chase & Co

The buyer journey revolves around everything that happens pre-purchase and it’s all about the steps your customer took before buying something from you but this analysis doesn’t end here, it covers all that needs to be taken ahead too. When someone has finally purchased from you, that means you have made them your customer. Now your marketing team, sales team, and customer service team need to evolve their strategies around your relationship with that customer and keep providing them with good experiences because if your team doesn’t work on sustaining relationships. It might stop them from recommending you to their friends, or they might refrain from purchasing from you again.

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Customer Support During Global Pandemic:

During this global pandemic, internet connection has become one of the few most essential commodities in the world. While the conventional businesses had to face the worst economical downfall, all the digital businesses have witnessed historic booms producing the first almost trillionaire of the world, who happens to be the CEO of Amazon. The digital shift we had to undergo gradually in a couple of years is already here, due to the COVID’19, creating the obligation of durable internet connections indispensable.

For ISPs that are already ruling and providing their services, their focus is on giving the best experience to their customers during the quarantine. Mediacom cable packages and its services have drastically improved, it stood among one of the reliable service providers in the country but during this pandemic, they have come out as one of the most incredible customer support departments too – ensuring a smooth experience from all the aspects. The rest of the internet or cable TV service providers are also working too hard to assure pocket-friendly, smooth, and supportive experience in all parts of the world. The majority of the professionals have gone completely or partially digital, for offering their services, dealings, consultations, gyms, education is totally virtual these days and multiple other sorts of experts who could manage digital transformation.

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Hubspot’s flywheel model has represented the concept very well. This model says that the momentum of your happy customer will keep spinning your business. This will help drive referrals and repeat business.

Customer Support: Another Way To Keep Your Customer Royal!

Talking about customer service that needs to be active answering phone calls, replying to messages hastily, and being friendly and helpful to whoever approaches them. How they behave with your current clients can gear up or prevent your sales team’s ability to collect referrals if they are successful in playing their part, it will help in fueling reviews and rating customers are giving online.

Talking about the marketing team, they need to make sure that the content is relatable to your services and clients are able to find what they need. This can help customers set accurate expectations about your services and products. The content should be relatable to the services or products the brand has to offer.

For the sales team, it is crucial that they keep up with the changing needs of customers and the market. Your customers’ happiness is essential as we told earlier whether customers are looking for something, giving recommendations, or sharing their bad experiences. Their major destination is going to be online.

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”Warren Buffet


The bottom line is aligning the marketing, sales, and customer services together, and making them work in synchronization can be challenging but the rewards will be very high for your business. Every business needs happy clients who rave about their services on the internet or off the internet because ultimately they will drive other potential prospects towards that business. Also, if clients are unhappy, they will be spreading bad words about you and your services that will eventually cause a lot of obstructions in your business growth. Customers are the most valuable asset of any business. Thinking about making them happy, curating strategies around customer service will ultimately make your business grow and flourish.

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