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Top AI-Powered On-Demand App Concepts For Startups

Startups are the new trend in the business world. It makes a perfect and logical appearance that can shape the future in a positive direction. One can surely make the best move with mobile apps. Innumerable users use mobile apps daily to make intelligent moves, offering them the best comfort and convenience. Almost 90% of people use mobile apps for many things in their lives. Mobile apps are an integral part of human lives to shop, study, or order medicine or food. Hence, startups also launch their mobile app so that they can be a part of this crowd.

Artificial Intelligence:

This technology offers prime security for critical data. It helps countless businesses and is a software technology that works exactly like humans. The operations are fast, without any errors and quick. Why do you need this? It is a technology that offers excellent business and can even help you stay strong in the global market. Industrial robots in Japan and South Korea add a new dimension to the marketing field. The Fintech niche will observe significant change with the help of custom AI-mobile app development.

What Are On-Demand Apps?

These are the type of apps that quickly connects with clients and service providers. The users can quickly access the apps and get the best service solutions. It can be uber, vehicle rental service or even the repair of the appliance. It has a growing future, and hence the investors get the complete attraction of the development. It is an app that will spread like wildfire in the online marketplace.

Benefits Of On-Demand Apps In The Business:

These apps will offer innumerable benefits to the business and the users. People will rely on Smartphones, and numerous enterprises launch the app both on iOS and Android; here are the following benefits:

  • Flexibility- these apps bring flexibility, and the business provides all types of services. It is a golden opportunity for business operation 24×7. It is an on-demand feature that can quickly need to handle the matter efficiently. The app performs flawlessly and does not encourage operating apps with glitches. If there is any trouble, then the developer resolves the issue quickly.
  • Phenomenal outreach- you can provide excellent aid to all the service providers. They are experts, and you will allow the large audience to make a minimum span and make the operation secure.
  • Savings- the apps will have the MVP model, saving the apps and money that they invest. Therefore, you need to grant the investor the ability to make a perfect upgrade of the app; they can include new features that will fulfil the user’s demand. You will get to serve the best tools with marketing strategy and discounts. It is a perfect move to make an expansion of the client base.
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AI-based medicinal solution app- homemade remedies are incredible options when falling sick. It is a blessing from our ancestors, and now it is definite to share grandma’s remedies with the world, and most startups are coming to give the best remedies ever. They adapt the beauty of mobile apps and contact the mobile app development company. They will get to meet with experts with immense knowledge and develop such apps, and the developer will understand the app and transform it into a perfect, practical, reliable solution. The app will offer the medication details, depending on the symptoms, age and even the locations. There will be an option “call the doctor” if there is an emergency. With the help of AI, you can go through the diagnosis process, and it will offer a stage of medical development. There are also different functionalities that one can implement and even provide personalized medicine. If there are any extensive data, then the AI algorithm will help. It will include health records that you can save electronically.

Food And Grocery App That Is AI-Based:

In 2021, it will be a tremendous brilliant app that will implement the functionality with voice and AI demand, which will be a different advantage. During the pandemic, this industry witnessed a significant shift. People need to maintain social distancing in grocery shops, so grocery shop apps are the most fruitful idea. People now depend on apps for all kinds of essential needs. After the pandemic, everything is changing, and people relying on grocery apps include security, ease and convenience with the help of technology. Android app is prominent, and most people love them because it is easy to access and target fast. It is a perfect move for old audiences and the new generation who hate to stand in line and want quick service.


E-Learning On-Demand Apps That Are AI-Based:

Schools and colleges were closed due to the pandemic, and the education industry has significantly hit in the last few years. Students failed to reach the students, and the doubts piled up. Students were not able to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. E-learning app was there in the market, but they gained a majority of support after the pandemic hits. The apps are undoubtedly interactive, and the students will get 24×7 doubts clearance with pre-recorded videos. These apps now provide 24×7 tutoring services. The evolution of AI will drastically change everything. Now students can read, write, sit for exams and many more through the e-learning app. the e-learning app simplifies education. The students can sit in their homes for unforeseen reasons, but that will not stop their teaching and learning procedure. It will bring a new change in the education world, and there is no looking back when the students download the e-learning app and make it useful in their education life. It will bring knowledge, and even the apps are interactive and provide the best positive result to get them into the education field.

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Dating And Matrimony App That Is AI-Based:

Now finding the soul mate or partner is a challenging task. In this world where each of you is masking the original face to be happy, consistent and overjoyed, finding the right partner is no easy job. So, finding your partner or soulmate must have the right strategies. Gone are the days when you have a middleman to find the right match for you. Now, these apps are the middleman in this age of technology dating or matrimony apps. They work best when they take your interests, likes and dislikes ad matches them with others with similar thoughts and then fix them as a perfect match. It is a place where one can meet new people and even share their thoughts. The algorithm of the apps will analyze the best preferences and personality tests, which will generate more profits and even earn a reputation. It is a saturated app, but the developers are still working to make it more attractive and interactive. It will retrieve the use of data from social media and hence give you more options.

Trip Planning App That Is AI-Based:

Planning for a trip and holiday is always fun. But planning becomes easy when you have a mobile app to help you with it. It is a great privilege for the app industry to take the help of these apps and book your transport, hotels, other things to do destination, hire local guides, car rental and many more. These apps also offer a discounted price for services during certain occasions and festivals. It can create magic in the lives of people who love to travel; it is something that one will use, and an AI-based app makes it an interactive app, and one will get the best outcome where people can take the help of the app and book the services for the better result.

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Video Streaming App That Is AI-Based:

Now it is something which the whole world is looking forward to. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and local and regional video streaming apps are gaining immense popularity. People love the concept of on-the-go entertainment, and they do not have to wait for each week Friday to watch a movie. After the pandemic, the OTT platform movie releases are the most popular ones. People can watch any movie at any time. Even an Indian can watch a Russian film with AI search and subtitles. Therefore, these apps are popular and will also have a better impact on the entertainment industry. They can launch as many releases as they want to attract the audiences and make them addicted to the use of the video streaming app. The monthly and annual plans are nominal, so everyone can get access to enjoy the video streaming app and watch movies, web series, short films and other entertainment content.

Real Estate Apps That Are AI-Based:

The real estate market is always demanding. People look for real estate projects to invest in and stay in their dream homes. It is humanly impossible to check all the new property on itself and keep track of it. Hence, the real estate app acts like a database where the buyers, sellers and agents can get all the details of the new properties. They can select and choose the best property as per your choice and stay in their dream home. Virtual tours of the homes are also available on the apps so they can get a good view of the house or property.


Whatever investment you choose depends on the development team to design the best app that will make the app useful and popular. The smart move is everything, and it can revolutionize on-demand AI-based apps.

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Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies, a top React Native Development Company In India with experience in on-demand Marketplace App Development Solutions where you can hire app developers for your business. He oversees the company’s commercial and delivery operations, as well as strategic planning and strategy.

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