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5 Tips For Online Car Selling Business To Attract Your Potential Customers

Planning to start your own car selling e-business? Or have you started it already but not getting enough traffic? Fret not, these simple tips will transform your online business for better!

1.) Have A Mobile-Friendly Website:

This is perhaps the most cliché advice you will get when setting any online business and not just a car e-selling platform. But the importance of having a responsive mobile-friendly website cannot be understated.

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Mobiles have become a part and parcel of our lives with the majority opting for it as their preferred means of communication as well as entertainment. Just search Google and you will find alarming statistics on the number of hours being spent on mobile devices each day.

All this mobile traffic offers e-businesses amazing opportunities to attract new customers. Businesses stuck with outdated non-mobile friendly websites are missing out on huge opportunities. After all, there’s no use of creatively designed ads featuring even a beauty like Ferrari when your ad is not going to fit the screens of the most used devices – mobile phones.

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2.) Go For Social Media Marketing:

We have already stressed the need to have a digital-friendly website. However, a website is not enough these days. Most of us spend our digital time on social media on various networking platforms. These platforms offer amazing marketing opportunities to new and growing businesses.

You can create your own targeted audience based on their demographics, interests, activities, and likes/dislikes appealing to a particular set of customers. Doing so can help you talk to your potential customers and will let you influence them to convert them into sales.


3.) Offer Quality Information And Advice:

Again, an infinitely repeated advice, yet its importance increases when it comes to selling automobiles. Automobiles are not your daily off-the-shelf habitual purchase. Its an investment for many or passion for some.

Buying a car is a high-involvement purchase occasion with tons of factors to consider; performance, comfort, style, cost, brand, etc. Hence, the purchase of cars initiates a long careful process of research and information gathering.

An effective online car seller can become a part of this process of information gathering by providing consultancy and advisory services to prospective customers, helping them move beyond consideration to actual purchase.

Take for example, they offer not only car models (Honda HRV in this case) specifications to fulfill car-finders needs, but also granting extra juice like Pros and Cons, latest news and also FAQs about the car.

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By helping consumers decide between Honda or a Toyota, a Sedan or a Hatchback, you are only building trust and rapport which can generate positive word-of-mouth and attract new customers.

4.) Know Your Competition And Establish USP:

In all honesty, the Internet is cluttered with car e-sellers, all offering the same cars at more or less the same prices. Hence, for you to really master this game, it is important for you to study your competition. Visit their websites, analyze their offerings, study their reviews; a competitive analysis can help you understand pain-points not being catered by current e-sellers.

You can use these pain-points to provide the same service but in a distinctive manner that is in a way, no other player in the market is currently doing. So, if everyone is just selling cars, you sell cars with an added feature of test-driving. Offer a feature or service that is unique and different – your own Unique Selling Point (USP).

5.) Start With A Niche:

Let’s face it, no entrepreneur wants to limit the size of his pie by just focusing on a small set of customers. You sure too must have the vision to be the leading car seller online.  We are not telling you to tone down your vision. Obviously not. All we advise is one step at a time approach.

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Instead of going all out, first, build your name by offering a limited yet quality car offerings. For instance, just focus on selling SUVs initially. We understand it limits the size of the pie but it’s only a short-time sacrifice for long-term gains. By specializing in a particular car category, you will be able to build trust and brand name quickly. You can then leverage this brand name and trust to accelerate your growth in other categories.

Paul FerreiraAbout the Author:

Paul Ferreira is a freelance writer based in Santa Barbara California. He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara. He keens on the automobile industry and has deep insights into cars.  Over the past decades, he authored several newspaper articles and blogs. He really enjoys writing, exploring the science of consciousness, and do the research related to cars. He owns a Honda Jazz for more than 5 years now but he just couldn’t give it up.

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