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How Can Show Product Video Instead Of Images In WooCommerce?

Imagine shopping online and being able to watch a short video about a product, just like seeing a preview of a movie before deciding to watch it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make your WooCommerce online store more engaging and informative by replacing static images with dynamic product videos.

It’s like bringing the in-store experience to the digital world, where customers can better see, understand, and trust your products. We’ll take you through the simple steps to showcase your products in a whole new way, giving your customers a reason to stay and shop confidently.

Why Prefer Product Videos Over Images?

Choosing product videos over images is like using a movie instead of a photo to tell a story. It’s about making your online shopping experience more exciting and informative.

Showing Real Details:

Showing accurate details is like giving a close-up view of a product. It lets customers see exactly how it looks, moves, and works, just like holding it. This helps them make more informed choices when shopping online.

Better Understanding:

Better understanding is about making it easier for customers to get what a product is all about. It’s like explaining things more clearly so they know exactly what they’re buying. This helps them feel confident and happy with their purchase.


Engagement is described as catching someone’s attention and keeping them interested. With product videos, it’s about making shopping more exciting. It’s like watching a mini-movie about a product, which can be more fun and memorable than looking at static images.

Building Trust:

Building trust is about making customers feel safe and confident in what they’re buying. It’s like when you know and trust a friend. Product videos show the product so it feels more honest and reliable, helping customers trust your online store.

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More Information:

It will give you more information and extra details about a product. It’s like giving customers a complete picture of what they’re buying, such as its size, how it works, or special features. This helps them make well-informed decisions when shopping online.

Competitive Advantage:

A competitive advantage is what makes your online store better than others. It’s like having a secret recipe that sets you apart. Using product videos can give you an edge by making your store more engaging, attracting more customers, and keeping them returning.


How Can Show Product Video Instead Of Images?

To display product videos instead of images in WooCommerce, you’ll need to use a WooCommerce product video plugin. Here’s an eight-step guide to achieve this:

Step 1. Choose A Video Hosting Platform:

Choosing a video hosting platform is like picking a place to keep your videos online. Think of it as finding a home for your videos on the internet. Some popular choices include YouTube, Vimeo, or hosting them on your website.

YouTube is like a big public park where many people can see your videos for free. Vimeo is more like a private club with better video quality, but you might need to pay.

Hosting your videos on your site is like having them in your own house – you have complete control, but it can be more work and might cost more.

Step 2. Add Woocommerce Product Video Plugin:

Adding the WooCommerce Product Video Plugin, a premium solution, is like purchasing a unique tool for your online store.

It offers advanced features for adding product videos quickly, enhancing your customers’ shopping experience, and making your products stand out.

Step 3. Upload Videos To Your Products:

Uploading videos to your products in WooCommerce is like adding photos to a photo album. It makes your product pages more engaging.

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Go to your WooCommerce product settings. Find the product you want to add a video to and look for a section where you can add a video link. Copy and paste the video’s web link and save your changes.

When customers visit that product page, they’ll see your video, making it easier for them to understand and decide if they want to buy the product.

Step 4. Add Videos To The Product Gallery:

Adding videos to your product gallery in WooCommerce is like including a video in your collection of photos to show off your products.

Go to the editing section in WooCommerce. Look for the “Product Gallery” section and click to add a video. Paste the video’s web link and save your changes.

Now, your product gallery will display the video alongside the product images. When customers visit the product page, they can watch the video to learn more about it and make informed decisions.

Step 5. Configure Video Settings:

Configuring video settings in WooCommerce is like adjusting your TV settings for the best viewing experience.

Go to the product editing page and find the video settings section. You can change the video’s size. Adjust the video placement and save your changes.

These settings help you control how the video appears on your product page, making it look just right for your customers when they visit your online store.

Step 6. Save Changes:

After making changes, look for a “Save” or “Update” button. Click it; your changes are saved, ensuring they’re there when you return.

Step 7. Test The Product Page:

Testing the product page is like trying out a new toy to ensure it works well. Visit your product page by opening your store website.

Look at the product with the video you added. Click the video to make sure it plays correctly. Check if the video size and placement look good on the page.

Make sure the video helps customers understand the product better. Try this with different products to ensure all videos work. If everything looks good, your product page is ready for customers to use and enjoy.

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Testing ensures your online store works smoothly, and your product videos help customers make informed choices.

Step 8. Repeat For Other Products:

Repeating the process for other products is like making more copies of a recipe to share with friends.

Go to your next product in your store. Follow the same steps you used for the first product. Add a video link, configure the settings, and save the changes.

Keep doing this for all the products you want to add videos to. It’s like cooking the same dish for different people.

By repeating these steps for each product, you make sure all your products have videos that help customers understand and appreciate them better, just like sharing your recipe with more friends.


In a world where online shopping is increasingly prevalent, adding product videos to your WooCommerce store can be a game-changer. It’s like a movie trailer, offering a sneak peek into your products.

By following the steps in this guide, you can create a shopping experience that’s engaging, informative, and trustworthy.

Product videos let customers see the details, understand the products better, and make shopping enjoyable. They reduce the chances of returns and set your store apart from the competition.

So, whether you’re a small business or a growing brand, embracing product videos is the way to go, making your online store more appealing and customer-friendly.

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