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Top 10 Benefits Of Dot Net Nuke

Dot Net Nuke or DNN for short, is a simple and convenient to use content management system that is held in high regards. It is a part of .Net Program and currently powers over 700,000 websites across the globe. It provides numerous benefits for those looking to expand their businesses.

Dot Net Nuke is an automated content management framework explicitly intended to be used in intranet and extranet deployments and open source portals. Dot Net Nuke has a heady set of tools that lets you build dynamic websites. The information in such sites is interactive and data-driven. The information changes automatically as it is contained in file or database. Publishing blogs, showing current affairs, chat system, date, time, weather forecast and other similar stuff are the changing or dynamic data you can easily put on your website using DotNetNuke tools.

Key benefits and reasons to move to DotNetNuke are:

1.) Content And Document Management:

DNN enables you to edit content directly through a web browser. There is no need to upload any files and all content can be changed in real time. DNN 7.0 + consist of drag & drop modules, auto save, version compare and content approval workflows. The DNN document library has cloud support which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint for publishing and list support.

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2.) Advanced Features:

The features of DNN can be extremely powerful for businesses of all sizes. User management, advertisement management, email marketing, document management, multilingual ability, blog management, and more are included to help marketing and IT teams manage their website.

3.) Security:

DotNetNuke provides extremely thorough security. Each user group is provided its own permissions, and all users can be sorted into these groups based upon what the operations require. As opposed to other CMSs that may require you to install a third party (and probably weak) application, DotNetNuke has a security model built into the CMS architecture. This makes DNN one of the most secure platforms for websites on the market.

4.) Social Communities:

DNN enables you to quickly build internal social networks to improve collaboration, communication and employee productivity. It also enables the creation of external communities that turn customers into advocates, lowering support costs and increasing revenue opportunities. Member Directories can be implemented alongside message centres and interactive profiles.

5.) Proven And Established:

DotNetNuke has been used for 700,000 websites over many years, including for major companies and organizations such as NASA, Lockheed Martin, Verizon, USAA, WeightWatchers, Bose, NASCAR, Cornell University, Dannon, Kia, Hilton, Whirlpool, Chrysler, Motorola, and more.


6.) Based In Portals:

The portal centered architecture of DotNetNuke lets your business to run many sites on just one DNN installation. This can be beneficial if you need to run an intranet as well as your website, or multiple portals for individual departments.

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7.) Strength:

The administrative decisions are skillfully divided among host level and individual portal level. In one hosting account the administrator at DotNetNuke supports multiple portals or sites- each with its own look.

8.) Increase Profits Opportunities:

DotNetNuke is module based. So you can build up various unique modules and sell them to your clients. Besides this, you can also go commercial with site templates, database options etc.

9.) Ready To Use:

DotNetNuke is user-friendly framework and is built in such a way as to allow users to deal with all parts of their projects. A well worked out user interface allows an easy operation.

10.) Customize & Extend:

DNN is fully customizable and extendable by using template skins and modules. It uses CSS to manage the visual design and the services framework is based on web API.

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