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How To Tap Into Effective Influencer Marketing? INFOGRAPHICS

There is no doubt that influencer marketing works, and it works very well. The last time the numbers were reported by Adweek, influencer marketing was expected to reach the $10 billion mark by 2020.

However, it is hard to get the attention of influencers, as they are constantly bombarded with offers from around the world. There is a wrong and a right way to do it. So what exactly is the right way to approach them?

First, it is important to determine which influencers to approach. From the following graph, we can see where we should place the most gravity when making a decision:

Find The Right Influencers:

You should create a list of the best-suited influencers for your product or service. There is no need to always look for the biggest influencers out there. If you are just getting started, you might want to consider micro-influencers.

They tend to be more willing and open, as they are also looking for opportunities to expand their networks. Micro-influencers develop better brand loyalty than macro-influencers. They also are in a position to engage with their followers on a more personal level, which results in more trust.

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When you reach out to them, be clear about why you chose them. You should also communicate the benefits of your product and services for their audience.

Find The Best Way For Both Parties To Benefit:

No one solution fits all when it comes to this. Some influencers will work for a flat payment depending on their number of followers, while others prefer a commission-based partnership.

If your product is subscription-based, you could also offer them free access for a limited time, or a serious discount. Consider also offering them a good deal for their followers. For example, x% off if they use a specific link or code when they purchase.

Some of the smaller influencers, who are just getting started, might even do it for free because they are looking for products to review and offer value to their followers.

Involve Them In Your Branding:

Everyone likes to have their opinions heard. Work with your influencers to create campaigns for your brand using specific hashtags, discount codes, videos, and designs.

Promote your influencers on your social media profiles as well to offer them exposure. The influencer relationship has to be win-win.

Showcase Your Results:

Let your influencers know that you will be measuring results, and offer additional bonuses when the numbers reach a certain point. Influencers want to know that they are working with professional companies.

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Prepare proper materials, like presentations, flyers, or a video to help them understand the product or service. Make the process as easy as possible and ask them for their feedback.


There are many challenges to influencer marketing. Approaching influencers is one of them. You can use the tips above to get started with effective influencer outreach and marketing.

If you want to learn more, check out this infographic from iFluenz.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from ifluenz

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