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Free Vs Premium Themes – What Is Better For Your Business?

What’s the most optimal solution to get started with a business or personal web project? Is that a free or a premium design? Whenever one decides to get started with an online project, WordPress seems to be the most optimal solution that can meet the demands of web projects of any level of complexity and from any niche. It’s clear that the features provided by free and premium WordPress themes are not the same.

Some solutions are more oriented on experienced webmasters, other will work better for those users who are only taking their first steps in the field of web development. Some themes are more suited for startups and smaller business, others are oriented on launching web resources of large corporations. The choice of the most optimal solution depends on the goals that you pursue and the specific type of a web project that you are planning to launch. So, let’s compare the features of free and premium themes.

WordPress has long become one of the most popular online solutions to get started with business web projects of any level of complexity and for a variety of different purposes. Today, it doesn’t matter how skillful or experienced you are. If you have an idea and desire to launch your own web project, you can achieve this without the necessity to have any special programming or designing skills. With the help of ready-made WordPress themes, you can get your blog or site up and running in the shortest period of time.

WordPress community has gone very vast and powerful. The variety of themes and extensions impresses.  Whenever one decides to build an online project on the basis of a WordPress theme, the first things that he needs to decide is whether to choose free or premium WordPress business themes to get started.

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Reasons To Choose Premium WordPress Themes:

Not only does the cost differ premium WordPress templates from freebies. The opportunities those bring to the webmasters are diverse and advanced. As a rule, premium WordPress themes suited for specific business niches include every single piece of functionality needed to launch web resource without the necessity to look for third-party extensions, create layouts, write the code, etc. The availability of rich sets of features and customization opportunities allow one to get started with a professionally-crafted online project without the necessity to refer to freelancers and web design agencies. There are a number benefits making premium WordPress themes a much better alternative. Let’s consider the two most remarkable ones.

Child Themes:

More and more often we can come across multipurpose WordPress designs. As the name implies, these include pre-built solutions for getting started with online projects belonging to different niches. To the biggest degree, this is realized by means of collections of child templates that are available for free access. One of such most notable examples of multipurpose WordPress themes is Monstroid 2. It includes a gallery of 9+ child themes suited for different business niches. All of them are available for free access to everyone who gets a premium theme. Moreover, the collection keeps on growing with the flow of time. This means that buying one premium solution you get a set of 10 pro themes.

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GPL License:

The availability of GPL license is another impressive reason to choose premium WordPress themes. Due to its integration, webmasters may feel free to install one and the same design on an unlimited number of online resources. This excludes the necessity to purchase additional licenses and agreements. Thus, when purchasing Kustrix – fashion blog magazine WordPress theme for $45, you get the entire control of the theme’s code modification and its installation on more than one web resource. All modules and widgets that are included in the package can be applied to a number of online projects as well.


Reasons To Choose Free WordPress Themes:

The greatest benefit of free WordPress templates is the fact that you can download them for your collection at absolutely no cost. Whether you need to use these in personal or educational purposes, the possibilities that freebies offer to you are enough to launch a standard web page. Of course, such items do not feature premium plugins, child themes or additional licenses. However, these are also several reasons making free WordPress themes the must-try solutions. Here are a couple of benefits.

WordPress Live Customizer:

This is the tool that you can often find in premium WordPress templates. Some of the latest and most innovative freebies do not lag behind and provide their owners with an opportunity to try pro features for free. In fact, that’s exactly what the free version of Monstroid Squared provides. Monstroid 2 Lite lets you work in WordPress Live Customizer and enjoy a speedy web development at absolutely no cost. The dashboard is intended to reveal the results of the customization in real-time. This frees you from the necessity to reload the page each time the changes are being applied.

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Custom Post Types And Blog Layouts:

Although free WordPress themes are available for download at no cost, these are commonly loaded with pre-designed layouts and elements, which provide for a more streamlined web development. As we have already mentioned a premium version of the Kustrix theme, let’s consider the functionality added to the freebie. Just like the premium version of the template, the Kustrix Lite is also loaded with WordPress Live Customizer. Additionally, it includes a series of custom post types for updating a WordPress-based websites with multiple post formats like galleries, videos, images, quotes, audios, links, etc. The availability of a series of pre-designed bog layouts provide the freedom of choice of the most suitable page structure for your own project at absolutely no cost.

Final Thoughts:

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that premium themes commonly include free support and lifetime system updates. That’s exactly what freebies are missing. So, if you are planning to launch a business project for income, having access to premium support, unlimited updates, and high level of security will be a better deal for you. If you need a ready-made theme for educational or personal purposes, than a freebie will be a better option. Although such solutions do not come with professional support, a free eBook like the below listed one should provide answers that are the most popular among startups.

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