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Product Parts You Should Prioritize When You Work In The Tech Industry

Akin to art, designing technology is an exercise of the human mind and imagination. With each passing second, new trends and advances sprout up both in the electronics and technology niches. Consequently, as a technician or electronics guru, there are several must-have parts you should have in your toolbox or worktable. The following are product parts you should prioritize when working in the technology industry.

PCB (Printed Circuit Boards):

You must have seen some blue or green boards with bold lines from the inside of any electronic gadget, be it a remote or a mobile phone. These are the printed circuit boards. A PCB mechanically holds electronic components such as diodes, resistors, transistors, and electronically relay signals and tracks.

PCBs are gaining traction ferociously due to their lightweight and small physical design. Consequently, they are cheap to produce and electronically reliable to integrate hundreds of components seamlessly.


In technology and electronics, there’s no room for speculation. Precision and finesse are paramount. A multimeter is an electronic component that tests circuits and measures voltage, current, and resistance. Multimeters are available in both analogue and digital variants. The analogue multimeters comprise a manual scale with a needle. The digital multimeters integrate digital readings on an LCD screen.


ICs (Integrated Circuits):

Integrated circuits are chips that mount an entire circuit on a semiconductor. ICs operate as timers, counters, resistors, transistors, and even microprocessors. Conventionally, an IC is black with several protruding metal pins.

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Predominantly, ICs are either analogue, digital, or hybrid. Analog ICs are often used in regulators and oscillators. Digital design, on the other hand, is standard in computer memories and microprocessors.

Soldering Iron:

The soldering iron or gun and soldering wire are all indispensable when working in the technology industry. The soldering iron or gun will melt the soldering wire to join two electronic components together. Resistors, transistors, and integrated circuits are hooked onto the circuit board by soldering.


Back in the 1970s, engineers used the board they’d cut bread on to connect circuits. Hence the name, breadboard. The modern-day breadboard is a plastic board with numerous tiny holes that hold various electronic components such as transistors, resistors, and LEDs.

Depending on their size, breadboards are classified as mini, half-size, or full-size. The larger the size, the higher the number of connection holes.

With the ever-evolving world, understanding technology and electronics are vital. The above tools are a necessity for any technician or engineer in the tech industry in their daily practice. You cannot afford to run out of any of the above.

Anita GinsburgAbout the Author:

Anita is a freelance writer from Denver, CO. She studied at Colorado State University and now enjoys writing about health, business, and family. A mother of two wonderful children, she loves travelling with her family whenever she isn’t writing. You can find PCBs and other supplies from companies like Advanced Circuits.

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