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Top 5 Free Tools For Creating Infographics Pics And Videos

Infographics are such a fun and effective visual way to display information. We at Buffer have certainly used them quite a few times to share information. I always enjoy looking at them, but always feel like there is no way I could ever create one myself. Or is there? There are so many tools being released every day allowing us to easily create better and better images— including infographics—to share and use in our marketing efforts. Even folks (like me!) who never thought it possible to create one ourselves!

A well-done infographic tells stories in an exciting way, without boring the user. Additionally, our brains perceive visual stats 60,000 times faster than plain text. The easier it is to process the information, the more we will understand. (and the smarter we’ll feel). This also makes it more likely that we’ll share it on social media.


The free version has enough templates to do a wide variety of infographic types. Each template has eight possible variations, with 17 themes available for use. It is a breeze to change the color and structure in every project before filling the infographic with content. Infogram’s free infographic maker has 25 icons, 41 unique charts, and 7 general shapes. Creating a powerful infographic seems extremely easy, assuming you have prepared enough information to make it work. The Graphics tab operates mainly with Unsplash and presents you with tons of images to use. There are only 2 free maps available, while the paid plans come with over 800 map categories to choose from. You can do project preview without a subscription, but to download any project you’d need to get a paid package.



Kicking off our list of the best infographic tools is something a little different. Biteable gives users the chance to create high-quality video infographics for free that can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. As well as providing engaging and high-quality image assets for creatives to work with, Biteable also offers soundtracks to really make your creations sing. With plenty of designs and pre-made scenes at its disposal, Biteable removes the barrier to entry that so often stops people from using videos to their full effect.

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Canva is a powerful online design tool (and infographic maker) that allows you to create a variety of designs even if you do not have any design knowledge. Canva provides a huge range of templates for you to pick from based on your exact design need — from birthday cards for a friend to a lesson plan for a class to social media banners, ad graphics, and many more. And of course, infographics. In technical terms, Canva offers 53 free templates across multiple industries – Business, Education, Charity, as well as Chronological and Processes options. For blank projects, I could use thousands of images for free. Paying the monthly fee gave me access to 1.5 million more. There is a quick Upload option, and I also didn’t see a storage limit.


As well as a photo editor and collage maker, BeFunky includes an infographic tool. Select a template, customize your theme with images and icons, and personalize the infographic by adjusting the text, colors, and layout. Then, simply save and export. Easy peasy.


This gives you more than 320 templates, 11 million images and pictures, 112 different fonts, high-quality downloads, and the ability to work in private. Yes, free membership projects are always shared with the whole community once saved. Assuming the paid version is the way to go, the interface is incredibly user-friendly in terms of building infographics. The drag-and-drop feature places charts and photos in line with the already existing elements on the canvas, which gives the end product a professional look.

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Constructing the best visual product on your own is challenging. Gathering the content and then finding the right form to display it is a tall order. Many infographic tools have the potential to aid you in your efforts and help you reach your audience with your message. A masterfully done infographic can go a long way, no matter if you’re blogging, teaching a class, presenting an idea or pitching a sale.

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