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Reasons To Choose Magento For Your Ecommerce Development

Electronic commerce, commonly referred as ecommerce has been soaring in popularity across the globe. More and more retailers have emerged to take advantage of this growing trend thereby adapting to the new consumer behavior and shopping experience. Building an online store and establishing a business presence on the virtual platform has become a crucial aspect to stand out in the competitive market. But when it comes to choosing the right ecommerce development platform, users are spoilt with choices.

Among the varied array of choices, Magento tops the list by powering 20% of all ecommerce sites online. Top brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Olympus, Ford, Fox Connect and Nike have been using Magento and so does millions of small and midsized business enterprises around the world. Before you wonder what makes this ecommerce development platform so much popular, let us offer you a detailed insight into the structure and features of Magento development.

What Is Magento?
Originally developed by Varien, Magento is an open source content management system written in PHO and built with the elements of Zend Framework. Moreover, this ecommerce platform employs the MySQL/MariaDB relational database management systems and uses entity-attribute-value model to store the data.

The first public beta version of Magento was released in 2007 and since then the supporting community of developers have been striving hard to extend the scope and functionality of this ecommerce platform. And their efforts have found success, as Magento development is the mostly sought after option of majority of retailers. Wondering why? Let us check out the following points to get a better insight.


  • Magento is open source: What does that mean to a business organization? They have found a cost-effective solution to build an online store. Magento community edition is available at free of cost which allows the user to download, install, edit and use in any manner they prefer. If you are a certified Magento developer or expert coder, then it would be easy for you to customize the Magento ecommerce website with required functionalities by installing the appropriate extensions. You may find the extensions at Magento Connect.
  • Built for Ecommerce market: WordPress is one of the leading CMS choices available for powering up websites. However, this open source technology was just a blogging platform in the past. But when it comes to Magento, it was built for the ecommerce techniques right from its inception. Further, it is also preloaded with an array of specifications and features to craft a customized shopping cart solution.
  • It is scalable: Do you know that Magento is available in two different editions – Magento Community and Magento Enterprise? If you are looking for a free version that can be customized to meet unique website needs, then Magento Community is your best bet. On the other hand, the Enterprise edition is a paid version where you can reap the benefits such as top-notch service level agreement, cutting-edge security functionality and other high level performance features. No matter the size or niche of the business, Magento perfectly fits in because of its scalability.
  • It is search engine friendly and high performing: An online store should have good built-in SEO features and marketing tools to get noticed in the online platform. Search engine friendly URLs, Google Sitemap, search function, fast and layered navigation, suggested products, meta tags and highly intuitive administrative interface of the Magento powered websites facilitates higher search engine rankings. Besides the pre-loaded SEO features, Magento deploys high-end caching techniques which increases the query processing time and page load speed by a greater extent.
  • Support from a community of expert developers: Magento has a large community of experienced and skilled developers working on the platform on daily basis. They make sure that the ecommerce platform remains secure, safe and up to date. Moreover, Magento users can find solutions to their problems by connecting with the community.
  • Going mobile: Having a mobile website or launching a mobile application has become a success factor. Both the Community and Enterprise editions of Magento have now incorporated HTML5 capabilities further allowing the users to enjoy a better mobile shopping experience.
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Above listed are some of the many benefits of choosing Magento as your ecommerce platform. Though it is advised to discuss the requirements and seek the guidance of a certified Magento developer before going ahead with the ecommerce project.

Annie GeoregAbout the Author:Hello I am Annie Georeg and I am content marketing manager in Atlas Softweb & today i written for Magento for e-commerce development. Atlas SoftWeb is a reputed web development company that takes pride in offering nothing but the best services to its clients. With a team of dedicated professionals, the company always makes it a point to deliver top-notch web solutions for the businesses. We offer e-commerce development services & we have certified magento developer team.

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    Magento is highly flexible, you can mold it to suit any kind of store. Well if the built in features do not suffice, you always have an option to create extension and get the features you require & integration with third party software and solutions A multitude of third party service are supported with magento. This means that you can integrate external payment gateways and database apps or shipping methods/ shipment tracking method and etc this is the reason i chose Magento to build eCommerce website. nice share

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    Great tips, some of which are part of my routine already, some of which are really making me thing.

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