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[Infograph] Direct Marketing Communications Building Contacts

[Infograph] Direct Marketing Communications Building Contacts

Direct marketing is about making direct contact with existing and potential customers to promote your products or services. It enables businesses to target specific people with a personalised message. It can be cost effective and extremely powerful so is something business owners and marketers should look into.

There are a variety of different Direct Marketing methods. Direct mail and leafleting are widespread and telephone marketing, mobile marketing, email and texting offer more opportunities to reach your target market.

Direct marketing allows you to generate a response from targeted customers. As a result, small businesses can focus their limited marketing resources where they are most likely to get results.

With a specific and well defined call to action, you can help to boost sales to existing customers, increase customer loyalty, connect and recapture old customers and generate new business. This infographic explores direct marketing and how it can be used in your business. It gives specific tips on creating lists and contacts which will drive your direct marketing efforts.

[Infograph] Direct Marketing Communications Building Contacts If you are interested in finding out more details about references for your content, then why not take a look at this infographic from It offers some helpful tips for finding and using good quality reference material.

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