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What Are Some Of The Features That An E-Wallet App Must Have?

Digital money is a new concept, and people use the concept of digital wallets to make payments and buy products and services. Therefore, it is common for people to use money wallets because it makes payment easy and fast.

Growth Of Mobile Wallet Apps:

The market for mobile wallets is growing by 28.2% of the CAGR rate, from $1043 billion to almost $7580.1 billion by 2027. There is also an estimation that by the end of 2020, the global mobile wallet market will rise to $2.1 trillion. Men of 38% and women of 34% prefer to use a digital wallet. Mobile wallets will replace both cards and cash by the year 2022. The growing demand for mobile wallets and their use is increasing daily.

What Do You Mean By Mobile Wallet App, And How Will It Work?

A mobile wallet is nothing but a digital version of a physical wallet where you can keep the money to buy things or make pay nets to anyone. This digital wallet is available on mobile phones. You must download the app, enter all the essential information, link with your bank account, submit all government documents, and set up your mobile wallet. It can even replace credit and debit card payments, and one can receive payment from anywhere. As a result, customers find it easy to make payments while shopping online in the most convenient way.

Most e-wallets use QR or NFC technology, which stores the customer’s information in an encoded format for security reasons. The digital wallet app will also let the customers buy the goods with the app itself with the help of discounts, coupons, and even other loyalty program cards, so the user remains hooked. A digital wallet works on communication terminals that use different information, transfer the technology with NFC technology, and even serve the wallet purpose.

Must-Have E-Wallet Features:

Make payments from bank accounts with wallet help- Mobile wallets get the best access to the seamless transfer of the money from the bank account to your wallet, and even you can transfer the money to the bank account. They are making payments of receiving money through the wallet to the bank account must be fast and convenient.

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Bill payment easy- the Digital Wallet App Development Company must enable the bill payment with the help of a wallet. It will enable the user to pay all the bills like electricity, rent, mortgage, and gas. To get this service, one has to partner and collaborate with other 3rd party service providers to make the payment easy and reliable.

Virtual card management- the app must enable the feature where they can save the debit and credit cards which ensures high security. It even allows people to add ones to their wallets with the help of one click. Moreover, the users will have the option to add or remove the cards in the list.

Cloud-based technology- with the help of technology, fast transaction is possible in the safest manner. The customers will enjoy all the possibilities to make the best transformation of digital wallets through the Smartphone.

GPs tracking- the mobile wallet transaction is possible from anywhere if it is GPs enabled. The use of the geolocation feature makes it possible, and it is one of the important e-wallet functions that need to have in the best possible way.

Contactless payment technology- NFC and QR codes are the contactless technologies that have become common in the retail chain. It considers to be the better growth, and it can even be profitable for the brand so that one can have QR code and it gives better NFC functionality integration.

Quick self-registration process- mobile wallets have come into the picture, making people’s lives easy and speedy. Hence, it must offer a quick registration process that will be self-processed, not with anyone’s help. The app development company usually follows this process.

  • Download the application form
  • Follow the process of KYC
  • Registration confirmation with OTP
  • Set the login and password
  • Link cards
  • Add money to your wallet.

Discounts and rewards- if you organize one, you can convert the one-time user into loyal customers. Users must get rewards and discounts for using the wallets when they want to make bill payments and purchases.

Smooth and interactive UI and UX design- UX design plays a vital role in the engagement of the mobile wallet. If the mobile wallet’s design is attractive, it can appeal to the users and even encourage popularity and interaction. Therefore, to make a user-friendly app, one must focus on the UI and UX design because it improves the readability and engagement of the app to the users.

Dashboard analytics- the dashboard must give analytics to the users to let them know where and how much money they spend and how much they need to pay for the bills in the future. So, you can plan a proper budget and track the expenses.

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Chatbots- the chat has AI technology that users will use to check the account balance and even transfer money to the bank account. Therefore, this app must have this feature to make it useful.

Types Of Mobile Wallet Apps:

When you want to design a mobile wallet app, you have to know which app will be good for your users. Only then can you create the best digital wallet app.

Open wallets are the type of wallet that directly consider the 3rd party application in the bank app. It even enables the customers to utilize the fund in the mobile wallet apps and make the best payments to withdraw the funds, deposit them in the account, and even keep them in the wallet for future use.

Semi-closed wallets allow users to make the funds to make the actual payment for every transaction on the app websites and the merchants with whom they partner.

Closed wallets are the special design wallet for the merchant that the users can use for a specific wallet. For example, you can consider the eCommerce app, which enables you to store the money in the app’s wallet, and then you can use it for the payment of the cart item.


Why Are The Apps So Popular?

It is popular because it offers a secure and reliable payment option to ensure that all monetary transactions will be fast. You can send the cash from the Smartphone to any other person or terminal with just a click of a button, making the transaction simple and quick. The app owner must have full knowledge of the competitors to stay ahead of the performance for the perfect end users.

How To Develop A Mobile Wallet App?

It is an application with many features and functions that aim to ease the customers’ payment process. If you want to build a successful app for a digital wallet, you can make sure that you must integrate and even implement the desired features of the app. Research the market where you want the app to launch and even determine the expectations of the customers before you perform any further development.

The primary focus of the mobile wallet app is security. The app needs to save customers’ confidential information, which is why security is the primary concern. Hence, your first responsibility is to ensure that you keep the information safe and secure using advanced technology that you cannot easily decrypt.

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If you want to design a first-class mobile app, then you can hire a developer to build one from the trusted E-Wallet App Development Company. The expert knows the drill better and will design the best mobile wallet app to satisfy your needs and make you happy about having a mobile wallet app.

Look for a service provider who understands your needs and what you want to offer your customers. The developer and your business needs must be on the same page; you both have to do market research to look out for the best solutions, features, and benefits that the mobile wallet will give. Also, check with the developer team how much knowledge they have using the mobile wallet and accordingly make building the app easy and fast.

Cost And Marketing Of The App:

A mobile wallet app with essential features must cost $10000 to USD 20000, and it takes almost 3 months to complete. So, if you want to increase the features, the cost and time will increase accordingly. Marketing the app is also essential to let people know about your app. It helps them learn about the app, and people will be eager to download and use it. So, you have to ask the marketing team to market the app so that people can use the app and get the maximum benefit.

Hiring the digital marketing team will help you go with the app marketing so that you can bring some new customers to your website. It is easy, and digital marketing will help the app to maximize its reach and hence get the best impact to let the users use the money wallet app.


Now that you have all the details of the mobile wallet app, you can check out the process of building an app to make things work for you and get a definite result. All you need is the proper balance, and it will help you get the best mobile wallet app to make sure you can design one and market the same for the better good. It will create and own a new future for yourself.

Prashant PujaraAbout the Author:

Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies, providing an E-Wallet App Development Services in the USA where you can hire web developers for your business. He is in charge of the company’s commercial and delivery operations and strategic planning and strategy.

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