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5 Ways How To Find Suitable People For Hard To Fill Jobs

Hiring employees for hard-to-fill jobs can be quite daunting. Often, these jobs require candidates with highly specialized skills and knowledge, vast experience, or amenable to a particular set of working conditions, such as working the night shift or being located in a remote area.

Alternatively, open positions become hard-to-fill jobs when the company is looking for people with very specific qualifications, such as a particular behavioral profile, in order to fit the organizational culture. The end result— recruiters will be spending too much time and resources sifting through applications that are only to be tossed into the bin.

So, what can you do in hiring the right employees? How can you save many hours of search? Here are five ways to help you when hiring employees for hard-to-fill jobs:


Facebook has 2 billion active monthly users. By tapping into the huge online Facebook population, you can be sure to cast your net wide so that you can increase your chances in hiring the right employees.

There are three ways you can do this.

  • First, you can connect through groups that you think are likely to be participated by candidates that you are looking for. You can join in interest groups for engineers, accountants, lawyers, and other professions, and discover the right person to hire. In addition, you can post your job hiring on these groups.
  • Secondly, you can also come up with a list of pages that you want to target. Usually, these pages are either profiles of employees or companies. They can lead you to qualified people that you can consider for pooling.
  • The last Facebook tip in hiring an employee is to invite the person directly by sending either a friend request or a personal message.
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With over half a billion users, LinkedIn is a great resource in searching for candidates for hard-to-fill jobs. As a social network for professionals, it allows you to view candidates and their qualifications quickly. On their profiles, you can skim through a summary of their work experience and skills. At times, they also feature sample portfolio or body of work.

Hiring employees on LinkedIn is also easy through the search button. You can conduct queries on job titles, companies, industries, and networks. Just like Facebook, you can send a message directly to potential candidates to check their interests.

One top secret in hiring the right employees in hard-to-fill jobs is to take advantage of the networks. Each profile has a network that is composed of colleagues who are likely belonging to the same industry. By starting with just one network, you can expand your search and fill up your list of pooled talents fast.


Job Fair:

Hiring employees through job fair is also effective. Instead of you having to actively search for candidates, you open your company to them and allow them to apply. This can save you time and resources in looking for people. They will come to you instead of you having to go look for them.

  • You can partner with state labor agencies or local government units in holding a job fair in your community. The government welcomes collaborations with the private sector, particularly when providing employment opportunities to people.
  • Also, you can team up with industry partners, especially when your company is part of a business group or gets invited to participate in events organized by certain groups such as non-government and charitable organizations.
  • Furthermore, you can hold your own job fair. You can make an open-house event where people can drop by, get a chance to know your company and apply for open positions. It is a great opportunity to market your company and get qualified applicants.
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Print Classified Ads:

Hiring the right employees can also be done through classified ads. Classified ads have been the traditional source of hiring the right employees since the invention of printing press and the rise of popularity of newspapers. Usually, using them will require you to spend for advertising costs.

With print, you have the choice of selecting the papers, whether it will be a magazine, newspaper, professional journal, or even a newsletter. With print advertising, you will be asked to pay for each line that your job post contains. Bear in mind too that they have limited circulation and can expire quickly. However, they are great when you are trying to reach out to a particular market such as lawyers in a legal journal for example.

Online Job Boards:

Lastly, you can also use online job boards such as Craiglist. They have worldwide or local reach depending on availability and longer expiry date with some offering no expiry at all. You will be asked to pay for each job post, and the price may be adjusted depending on the location where the ad will be available (such as premium side-bar or headline ad).

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