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8 Content Marketing Tips To Build Connections With Your Audience

As a marketer in today’s über-competitive online landscape, you’d only stay ahead if you know the value of engaging with your audience.

Once you’ll be a part of the 86% population that believes content marketing is integral to their operations, things can get tough. You’ll have to interact with your audience constantly- fostering new connections, nurturing existing ones, and listening/responding to feedback. You’ll have to build trust and rapport, and this will result in the growth of your social reach.

Content marketing allows you to put yourself out there and join in the conversation. You may not think people are intrigued by your business and in what you have to offer, but guess what, they are. You just have to convey it in an appropriate way.

In order to ensure your content marketing services to bear fruit, you can leverage the following tips and tricks.

1.) Consistency Is The Buzzword To Swear By:

With so many diverse contents being produced every day, competition in today’s so-called “attention economy” has never been more daunting. Hence, it’s vital that you only publish the very best content possible, or you can’t hope to have a dream run on the search engine pages. Moreover, it’s better to publish one excellent post every week than five mediocre posts.

In this case, you not only have to set the quality bar exceptionally high, but you also have to keep meeting (and in fact exceeding) this standard. This can be tiresome for even the most experienced content production teams, but it’s crucial to stand out from an increasingly large crowd to make your voice heard. Accept that producing exceptional content takes time, effort, and money – and that there are no shortcuts. This is primarily the first rule of how to do content marketing.

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2.) Your Content Should Reflect Your Brand’s Voice:

Content marketing is one of the efficient ways to build and establish the “voice” of your brand. However, businesses with dedicated content teams may find it hard to define what their brand voice actually sounds like, particularly when working with larger teams.

It’s important to ask questions about how the content advances and builds your brand’s voice.

  • Does the writing reflect your organisation’s values?
  • Is your brand voice sincere or earnest, or forced and artificial?

By addressing these questions, you’ll also offer your audience with a more cohesive experience as a brand, something that all blogs should aspire.

3.) Repurposing Is Your Greatest Weapon:

The best content often takes time, effort, and skills to present. Even if you’re offering your best content absolutely free of cost (which you should be), it doesn’t mean you can’t receive a good return on investment from your content. This is why businesses repurpose content from one format into several.

Consider the last blog post you published that performed significantly on the search engines and social media. Did it provide your audience with something they couldn’t find anywhere else? Then it’d probably do well as a downloadable guide.

Similarly, some blog posts might be appropriate for an email blast or a live webinar. No matter how you repurpose the content, make sure you’re getting the bang for your buck from your content production investment.


4.) Understand That Not All Content Has To Narrate A Story:

Storytelling is a crucial skill for aspiring (and even experienced) content marketers. In fact, brand storytelling is one of the most efficient ways to reach prospective customers with your unique message. However, that doesn’t mean that all content is storytelling, or that all content marketers are storytellers.

Not all content has to come with a story. Sometimes, a straightforward blog post that offers value for your readers is more than enough. Often, the people who preach about storytelling in content marketing are those who either don’t practice it or don’t understand it. So, don’t worry if you aren’t exactly a born storyteller – it’s rarely a prerequisite for the success of content marketing.

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5.) Harp On Specific Keywords:

In an ideal world, we won’t have to wrack our brains over SEO. We’d publish insightful, thought-provoking blog content about our chosen topics, and find a deluge of online audiences. Well, time to snap out of that dream and consider the reality that revolves around SEO.

You should carefully consider the keywords you want to rank even before you sit down to write a blog post or prepare any other type of content before marketing them. To gain more idea about how to target keywords with your content (and how to optimise your content for a better shot at ranking highly), check out this post on blogging tips.

6.) Invest In The Content Distribution Process:

No matter how remarkable your content is, there’s no point if you find no takers for it. That’s why content distribution has to be a core aspect of your content marketing strategy. In 2019, social media is the greatest tool for distribution, but there is nothing more to it than just that.

Content distribution channels may include owned media channels, like your organisation’s website, emails, blogs, and newsletters. You can also consider paying to get your content distributed, using social media ads and Google Ads campaigns, or have your content distributed by third parties like PR pieces and guest blog posts.

The idea is to be creative about getting your content in front of the right audiences. It would be unfortunate to let your hard work go to waste simply because you don’t get it out there.

7.) Determine The Success Of Your Content With Proper Data:

One of the most usual misconceptions about content marketing is that simply by publishing blog posts, your business will magically take off. Unfortunately, this is rarely the truth. Smart content marketers don’t just create excellent content, but also understand how to measure the outcomes of their efforts.

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Whatever you want your content to achieve, it’s vital that you assess the performance of your content using analytics and other data-driven approaches. Otherwise, you could be wasting your precious time and money on content that isn’t doing anything for your business. In such cases, success might be determined in overall traffic using Google Analytics.

8.) Hone Your Writing Skills:

Writing, like most other skills, is a craft that you can always enhance. But for that, you need to also read the materials more widely and extensively which you may not ordinarily read (and yes, I mean actual, honest-to-God books, not just blogs). You can practice writing every single day, even if it’s only a hundred words or so. You have to be relentless in your pursuit of excellence, and don’t resort to mediocrity.

Even if you’re aware of what you’re doing when it comes to content, you should always be open to learning more, and never be satisfied. The more effort and time you invest in enhancing your writing skills, the more readers you’ll attract.

Parting thoughts,

Creating relevant content marketing strategies for your websites will need you to make the right connections. You need to be involved in every process that can help you gain visibility in your niche.

As you invest more time working to understand the reader’s mindset and writing content for them as opposed to pitching a product to them, you will develop loyalty. Presenting valuable content will weather any storm the search engines throw against content marketers and SEO.

Sienna BrownAbout the Author:

Sienna Brown is a senior marketing professional for a renowned organization in Australia. She is also associated with as an Essay Outline writer. She has acquired his MBA degree in marketing from Federation University.

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