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5 Most Important LMS Features

More and more, the learning process is going online, with Free Learning Management Systems taking the place of classrooms and face-to-face training programs. But every LMS isn’t created equally. Here are a few essential features that the most effective platforms boast.

1.) Long-Term Training Goals:

It’s a huge commitment to get an organization to use a Learning Management System. Even the simplest, most streamlined systems require training and diligence to master. So before you ask your team to adopt new, large-scale technology like an LMS, you want to make sure that it’ll work for the long term.

Technology and training systems are a booming market, and more of them pop up every year. Some businesses make the mistake of investing in one management system after another. Each of these systems has its own quirks and tricks and can take a good amount of footwork to use productively. The learning curve can be steep, and work will be stalled until everyone in your crew is on board with the interface. The worst thing you can do is change to a new system as soon as everyone has gotten the hang of the old one. This is not only frustrating to the staff, but it also slows down workflow and decreases the productivity of your business.

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While it’s hard to predict which Training Platform will stand the test of time, the most important thing is to find a program that works for you and your team and stick with it. Sustainability is the hallmark of productive business and successful training.

2.) Keeping Good Records:

Any web-based system relies on great record-keeping to prove its worth. LMS interactions are a matter of learners receiving directions and submitting work. The teachers must have a clear account at hand of the overall productivity of the class as well as the files of each individual learner. The more a teacher can have the papers and numbers at hand, the more she can be an asset to learners on both the large-scale and the small-scale. Weak or confusing Learning Management Systems are maddening to teachers and learners alike. The less calculation and hunting for grades the teacher has to do, the better. The best Training Platforms offer seamless record-keeping so learners and teachers can focus on the content of the class rather than bothering with the interface.


3.) Diversity Of Formats:

A dynamic teacher will take advantage of a wide variety of formats, file types, and strategies. Great teaching can require some unusual methods. Innovative teachers need a lot of room to work when it comes to offering content to learners. A great LMS will accommodate all a teacher’s needs, whether they need to share videos, spreadsheets, music, or PowerPoints.

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There are so many different kinds of learners, that a diverse teaching program is necessary for a balanced classroom. Whether you’re using the Free Learning Management System for employee training or to teach an academic class for credit, you’ll want an interface that can work with a diversity of formats.

4.) Classroom Versatility:

If you’re looking into using a Learning Management System, you’re probably dealing with large-scale training or learning program with multiple classes. Often times an institution will offer a higher and lower levels of the same class, where similar material is present. A good Training Platform will allow you to quickly and easily transfer files and documents from one class to another. This will save you lots of valuable time, rather than having to start from scratch on every class interface. Creating new classes is a breeze when a LMS allows you to cross materials over from old classes to new ones.

5.) Touching Base With Conferencing:

For long-distance classroom settings especially, video conferencing is a key part of the learning and teaching process. This is an opportunity for learners and teachers to make a closer connection and experience some valuable face time. The best Free Learning Management Systems have an easy-to-use conference feature to bring distant classrooms together.

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A high-quality LMS will make the conferencing option a simple part of the web classroom environment. It’s important that this feature is accessible for both Windows and Mac users. Otherwise, certain users will be hung up with technical issues, which stalls the whole learning process for everyone.

Rohit BhargavaAbout the Author:

Rohit Bhargava has been interested in learning since an early age. Straight out of college, he began developing Learning Management Systems to help foster better learnings in businesses and schools. He never stops searching for innovative ways to improve the global classroom.

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