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How Much Valuable Heroku Is For Senior Java J2EE Developers?

If you are working as an enterprise java developer or with senior java J2EE developers who develop, deploy, and operate apps on available Java EE app server, this post will help you in understanding how to use Heroku to develop and deploy Java applications.

Built-For-Deployment Apps:

Do you know what exactly the Heroku is? It is a platform specifically intended for development and deployment of applications. This is not similar to the traditional software delivery process. The process includes –

  • Development
  • Packaging
  • Distribution
  • Installation
  • Deployment

The platform Heroku is used by companies who develop, deploy, and operate a corporate application by including a small team. There is no such requirement of packaging, distribution, or installation of element because the code never abundant the team or organization. This is why professionals take Heroku as an agile platform and once they understand this thing clearly, it becomes easier for them to decide how to make optimum use of this platform for deployment.

What challenges are faced when developing a J2EE app? How developers solve the issues?

There are various common challenges faced by developers while performing J2EE app development.


Infinite Loops:

The issue of infinite loops can occur in any wait-bound or CPU-bound variants, where a thread is stuck in statement. Developers can rely on the invasive loop-ectomy to get resolved this issue.

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Livelock Or Deadlock:

Deadlocks and Livelock can be happened in threads and mainly the reason behind this is the order-of-acquisition issue. Developers can handle this issue by verifying whether there is a need for locking or not. They can avail many options for this-

  • Deterministic order-of-acquisition
  • Banker’s algorithm
  • Master lock

Overuse Of External System:

In this issue, application creates heavy number of requests to a backend system. Developers need to know that it is generally caused because of redundant requests. So they need to ensure a minimum of that.

External Bottleneck:

In this issue, the external system speed and backend authentication system degrades, which further results in sloping performance of J2EE and server. Developers suggest people to hire experts who are efficient in handling and treating the external bottleneck issue.

Special Tools For Testing:

  • HTTPUnit – It is among top functional testing framework based on JUnit, though it can be also used as a tool for testing Unit. It emulates browser behavior, like Page redirection, Form Submission, cookie management, etc.
  • JWebUnit – It is a java based framework used for Regression, Functional, and Integration testing. It wraps available frameworks like HTMLUnit to bring a simple interface for writing test cases. This tool can be employed for performing screen navigation testing.
  • TestNG – it is a powerful Java based testing framework for integration, functional, and unit testing. This tool is based on JUnit.
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These testing tools are used by senior java J2EE developers. Heroku platform is used by them to deploy and develop applications and to test these apps later, they use such tools.

For more info about Heroku platform, kindly write to our experts.

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