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Top 7 Original Promotional Products For Your Customers

Experts say, there is no other better way to promote your business than giving a useful gift to your customers. In research, it was found that the impact of promotional items on the customer is three times that any other advertisement mode. Moreover, people from every corner of the world, prefer to take free gifts. As they believe that these products are more useful and have greater longevity. On the other side, businessmen also like to give away customised articles because of their versatility in the range of products and prices.

Let’s discuss the 7 best promotional products that your customers love to have with them:

1.) Shopping Bags:

Shopping bags ever get the highest appreciation in the range of promotional items. Visitors love to carry useful items in a shopping bag if they get a bag at the trade fairs or other events. So, you can be smart and add your company brochure in the bag and get the benefit of advertisements and appreciation. In this range, you can also add traveller cases too. So, as and when a customer uses your products others can easily attract to your brand.

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2.) Power Bank:

People spend lots of time surfing on mobile devices. Not only for entertainment but also for their work. For them, the power bank is a real companion that can help your customer when his mobile battery die. But, in order to promote your business always keep in mind that choose a power bank of good quality and do not forget to add your brand logo.

3.) Mugs:

There are many people who love to keep a good collection of mugs in the mug section. For them, it’s a great gift and every day their lips touch the cup will keep them reminded of your brand. In addition, if you choose restaurants, hotels or other places where you can display your products in front of customers can really benefit you. These custom coffee mugs come under different ranges and shapes, so have the opportunity to select the design as per your business theme.


4.) Pens:

Pens come under the category of writing items. These are considered as one of the most inexpensive, useful and easily giveaway gift items. Almost all age groups and class people love this item. In addition, this item act as a walking advertisement for any business promotion. So, you can choose any colour, design and shape of your merchandise item.

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5.) Business Card Case:

As per the survey, more than 10 billion business cards are passed out annually. So, this made a clear vision that there is an ample need for business cardholders. Gifting this item to the customers, business partners and employees can boost your brand image. So, if you use a great combination of colour and quality, it will work as icing on the cake.

6.) Branded Apparel (T-Shirts, Outerwear, Polos):

Branded t-shirts or outerwear has always been one of the top promotional items. Apparel helps in building a connection with the recipient. Today, people like to wear more branded items that help them to know in public eyes. And even they do not hesitate to promote on social media networks. This brings credibility to your business. So, while designing apparel, always makes an optimal choice for its type, colour and style pattern with a combination of your brand promotion.

7.) Calendars:

Calendars are an inexpensive way to promote your business and deliver your company’s message to customers. These came under many forms in the market like a desk calendar, magnet/stick calendar, pocket calendar, wall and wallet calendar etc. so, from all the above interesting styles you can choose what suits you most from budget and business progress parameters. The one interesting fact is that these are kept for more than one year, therefore, it will the customer to keep reminding your brand for more than one year with only 3/10 of the penny.

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Bottom Line:

I Hope, the above points help you to find an interesting solution for your business promotion. You can choose either of the methods but do not forget to add your brand name and logo from any of the promotional products.

Ethan LeeAbout the Author:

Ethan Lee is an entrepreneur and marketing specialist at Logpro which is one of the best supplier of corporate gifts & promotional products. He is a part of team for developing new marketing solutions for business clients. When he finds a time for writing, he loves to share his experiences about creativity, teamwork and related business topics.

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