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Entrepreneurial Success: Why You Need To Have A Financial Model In Place?

A ship without a course will always waste good wind. The same is true with people who may have all the resources at their disposal but lack a solid, workable plan. A business may have the best chance at taking over the market, but doesn’t have a proper way of utilizing the profit it has initially made.

Because, let’s face it, it’s completely possible to enter a market and to switch things up the way a tornado might rearrange your furniture a bit. However, much like the aforementioned tornado, that business’s success may be here one minute and gone the next.

So, how exactly do you make money management decisions that help ensure that you not only meet with success, but rather, you meet with lasting success?

Well, if you still need to be told the answer, then you might not have been paying attention to the first few lines of this article. Read on to find out how your business could benefit from a solid financial model.

First Off, What Exactly Is A Financial Model?

A financial model is a set of assumptions that are made with the purpose of predicting how a business is set to perform in the coming periods. This is, in essence, a prognosis of your finances and is used to help business owners make better decisions and to also avoid (or take) risks. There are many financial modeling courses around but few are as detailed and as reliable as the ones at Breaking Into Wall Street.

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A prime example of a scenario in which a financial model would make perfect sense is when a company needs to be able to project the outcome of a merger with another company.

How exactly does a financial model help businesses?

Risk Management:

Knowing how a particular decision is going to affect your business will help executives decide whether a risk is worth taking or if it is too costly. These decisions could be switching up a marketing campaign, entering a new market, or even just changing the price of the products and services that the business provides. All these decisions are risks that could very well alter the future of any business.

Regular Assessment:

In the same way that you should be tracking your progress in school or at the gym, being able to track how your business is doing in relation to the financial model is going to give executives a clear idea on whether or not things are proceeding according to plan. This gives them a chance to either stay their course (if all is going well) or to implement mitigating measures (as is the case when there are things that need to be adjusted) in order to adhere to the financial model.


FInancial models also help executives figure out which actions produce consistent results. You are, in essence, experimenting with different approaches to your business. This is done with the far future in mind, wherein the business may be meant to be passed down to the next generation. By figuring out what certain courses of action yield consistent positive results, you can ensure that a certain business might have a chance at standing the test of time.

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And if there’s one thing that consumers look for, it’s a business that has made a name for itself throughout the years.

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