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5 Reasons Bluetooth Headsets Offer Much Better Functionality Than Wired Ones

Headsets are some of the most used hardware accessories in the business and call center industry and also by many personal users from around the world. These provide easy ways to call and talk to callers when connected to devices like Personal Computers, Laptops, Tablets and even Smartphones. Additional personal usage of headsets involves them being used for multimedia consumption like music and videos from many devices.

Quality of headsets over the decades has improved significantly. Where in the past wireless Bluetooth headsets were limited in their sound and music output, newer ones sound just like the wired ones if not better. This improvement is observed because of the upgrades Bluetooth technology has seen over the decades. With faster more efficient Bluetooth technology, a lot of possibilities have opened like multiple connectivity at the same time and also much better sound output. Here are some significant reasons why Bluetooth wireless headsets today offer much better usage than traditional wired ones:

1.) No Wires, No Mess:

Wires are known to create a lot of mess and this applies to the wired headsets no matter how carefully you place them or how organized you become with wires. Especially in the case of business usage like for a call center or a financial institution for example, tangling of wires is just not required. In fact with all other wired devices like chargers for laptops, mice and also keyboards, those extra sets of wires are much better off without.

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Bluetooth headsets eliminate that problem from the stem by removing wires altogether. These connect with your devices using Bluetooth technology that is an enhanced form of short-range wireless connectivity. No wires, no mess is a rule that applies beautifully with these Bluetooth headset options.

2.) Moving About Made Easy With Enhanced Portability:

Wired headsets always had this limitation of providing portability as much as the length of their wires when connected with devices. The longest length of wires for headsets has never been that much to provide free moving about in an office environment or when using them for personal use as well. However, the Bluetooth headset options have corrected that with their extended long range connectivity to a great deal.

Having your Bluetooth headsets connected with systems and devices wirelessly, you can move about in your office or personal space much easily. Some better options like the Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets, Jabra Wireless Headsets or Sennheizer Bluetooth options, even offer a few hundred meters of connectively. This extended range is usually enough for the largest offices and homes providing enhanced portability while still connected wirelessly.


3.) Best Suited For Longer Usage Periods:

The extended Bluetooth wireless connectivity range that modern Plantronics wireless headsets and many other options from the market offer is beneficial in more than one ways. Wires are known to add weight to headsets when using them in sitting positions usually used for official purposes by pulling them down slightly. This has a tiring and fatigue effect on the users hampering long periods of use to a large extent.

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Bluetooth wireless headsets on the other hand don’t have that problem because they have no wires to connect with systems and devices. This makes Plantronics wireless Headsets or other options like Jabra, Sennheizer or Panasonic much better suited to longer usage periods when compared with their wired counterparts.

4.) Compatibility With All Modern Devices:

Plantronics Bluetooth Headsets and many other wireless options offer Bluetooth connectivity for all major devices and systems. Modern smartphones and even tablets have started to come with a headphone or headset input and rely on Bluetooth devices to make connections with them. You might have a high quality wired headset that you bought pretty expensive as well. But it will be of no use with your modern smartphone that has no headphone jack input.

Bluetooth on the other hand is a technology incorporated in almost all modern devices including laptops, tablets, smartphones and even personal computers. This allows a single device Jabra, Sennheizer or Plantronics Wireless Headset or any other good quality brands to offer unified connectivity with all devices. There will be no question of your wireless Bluetooth headsets not being able to connect with any particular device. The modern connection setup features are easy as anything as well providing a great overall experience.

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5.) Better For Outdoor Activities Usage:

Outdoor activists including people who run, workout and train in the outdoors while listening to their favorite music will like wireless Bluetooth headsets much better. Wires will easily get tangled with arms, hands and other body parts and can even cause damage to the device by making it fall out of its holders and pockets.

Bluetooth headsets don’t have wires at all and also come in many sporty variants that attach to the back of the neck in a way that they don’t fall off until they are taken off. This is one of the major distinctive features of wireless Bluetooth headsets that will always provide them the edge over wired ones in daily usage scenarios.

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