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Opensource, Dynamic, SEO Friendly – Reasons To Shift HTML To WordPress

Developing an HTML website in today’s dynamic world is just like creating a poster that helps web designers to know how the site would look like. HTML5 is quite a powerful update but it fails to achieve the charismatic functionalities which other CMS platforms provide.

Why would you want to spend hours coding and building a static website when you can have one in just a snap of the finger? As a business owner don’t you want your site to look more presentable, dynamic and SEO-friendly?

Yes, we heard your unanimous answer. This content focuses on some of the best reason to make your site functional, productive and personalized by shifting your HTML site to the most captivating CMS platform WordPress.

If you are in dilemma thinking WordPress is just a blogging platform, then you need to read this content further. WordPress helps in building a website, adding blogs, and allows the user to move towards a highly interactive web presence that empowers 33% of websites on the internet world.

After reading this blog, you would have some compelling reasons for the shift. So before you start the transfer process consider the following things.

1.) Hosting Service:

Keep your hosting plan ready as there are chances that you may need different hosting for WordPress and HTML.

2.) Code Editor:

Decide which code editor are you going to use? Notepad++, Atom, Sublime so that it allows you to best tweak the website.

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3.) Time And Money:

Decide with the team of how much time and money you want to invest in this transfer.  You can hire a WordPress development company for the migration that will help you to convert more.

Let’s read further about the reasons:

Simplicity, Opensource, And Easy To Manage:

The word open source is one of the topmost reason why developers want to transfer to WordPress. Isn’t it great that without any restriction, you can host the website anywhere?

Even downloading and installing is not at all a hassle task and you can modify the interface from the dashboard.

You do not have to be an excellent coder for creating your website. Even with the minimal technical knowledge you can easily tweak and learn about the features in no time.

You can extend the functionalities by adding the choice of a plugin from the store. There are many attractive themes present on WordPress, you can install them with the help of some technical competence.

Dynamic CMS:

Building an HTML website is now considered an old school thing, you write multiple lines of code that reloads every single time. You need to be well-versed with the HTML coding to make the changes that are static.

But creating a one with WordPress is an extremely easy task. It allows you to effortlessly manage the CMS from the admin panel and do the changes.

WordPress comprises of a lot of inbuilt- functionalities which makes the CMS a patron player.


Themes And Personalization:

WordPress facilitates developers to choose from thousands of free themes for creating a stunning website.  It has themes for satisfying every business of this multifarious industry.

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The interface can be customized with some of the extremely useful and innumerable plugins. They help in making the page more productive and functional.

The flexibility WordPress offers has caught the eyes of many developers which help them reach an unmatchable conversion rate.

SEO Friendly Interface:

SEO is the key to success and if the CMS platform itself inherits the SEO properties it is an added boon.  And as rightly said by Matt Cutts, “ WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues”.

WordPress involves simple coding that is easily tracked and indexed by popular search engines. You can even use effective plugins to optimize the page titles, URLs, meta description, etc.

You can easily check and implement different SEO strategies with the help of relevant tools.

Vibrant Development Community:

It is never a one-man army behind the path to success. A community of some creative and vanguard developers has helped in making WordPress, a success.

The community is continuously growing owing to the open-source and the community regularly contributes to making the WordPress platform easier to learn.

Even if you face any problem, this community helps in detecting and solving the problem. They come up with the best possible solution that even a beginner can understand.

Mobile Friendly Website:

It is no more a luxury but a necessity to build a mobile-friendly website. People are shifting more towards mobile usage for easy access.

This platform allows you to create responsive websites that fit on any screen size. The creation only involves selecting the theme and plugins from the store and implementing the functionality.

The mobile-first move has been sincerely adopted by the WordPress platform, so you do not have to worry about making it one.

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You even do not have to invest much in building one and this is the reason why it is the first choice of the WordPress development companies.

There are three ways which you can adapt to convert your HTML website to WordPress.

  1. Manually design a WordPress theme with similar functionalities based on the static HTML site;
  2. You can even try installing pre-made themes and just migrate the internal content;
  3. Hire a WordPress development company who can help you recreate the site.

Once you are done with the shifting, your newly minted WordPress website is ready to use. The underline of this content is to let developers know the advantages of the WordPress platform. Once migrated, you have joined the world’s largest community of open source developers.

We welcome you to the creative space with a glut of developers, designers, and bloggers. The community offers you some innumerable tips, tricks, and tweaks. You gain access to thousands of other resources which can help you to make your site even more functional and high-speed.

If you do not hold the expertise in developing the WordPress site all by yourself, reach out to some best WordPress development company and avail the advantages.

The WordPress world is waiting and we wish you all the very best!

Harshal ShahAbout the Author:

Harshal Shah is CEO at Elsner Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Elsner is a leading WordPress development company in the USA. Get WP customization, WP design, WordPress development & migration service at best price.

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