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Top 10 Tips For Making Successful Android Applications

In current scenario Eye Catching design and innovative idea for an application has no guarantee of success until your application consumed less battery and memory with user friendly interface and dashboard. Developer must produce the application in such a manner that it’s run smoothly in efficient way with user friendliness to get success.

Here Are The Tips To Make Successful Android Application:

1.) Design Proper Layout To Cater Different Resolution And Multiple Screen Size:

Different Android devices have different size and resolution. Tablet layout can seen horrible in other screens so developer must make sure of most Screen sizes and resolution the application works.

2.) Better UI Development For Lower Memory Use:

Heavy UI will take time in loading and view the application that annoys the users to use it again. UI with smooth and quick loading will make application standout performer on the Android play store.

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3.) Use Graphical Layout For Faster Previews:

Graphical Layout is the XML files Editor with the use of it developer can check multiple screen sizes starting from 2.7” to 10.1” from the Dropdown Menu.

4.) Customization Of UI Widgets:

Customization of UI widgets allows us to see the application exactly in all Android Devices.

5.) Customized & Coded Views Creation:

Customized & Coded Views creation are very useful to create very lively and customized graphics

6.) Fewer layers XML Layout Hierarchy For Faster Deployment:

Parsing becomes slow with more Layers in Hierarchy eventually slow the views of the application. Lesser layers, faster view deployment, more users’ happiness.

7.) Utilize Relative Layout Compare To Linear Layout:

Relative Layout creates lesser layers then Linear layout eventually helps for speedy views.

8.) Keep File Size Low For Better Use In All Android devices:

Small APK, Quick Download makes user happy in the end makes app popular.

9.) Optimized Application Working In Foreground And Background:

Optimization helps to check the application working for better user experience. Lesser space, Lower Battery makes maximum users and generates maximum revenue.

10.) Use Google Analytics In The Application:

This will help to see the progress of your application also helps to improve your presence in the different parts of the world.

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Although above mentions tips are very small to improve the application but this small care will help to improve the user friendliness of the application and will provide surprising and profitable results. These tips will become structural and essential part of your everyday coding once you see the benefits of it though small but effective.

Sarita PatelAbout the Author:Sarita Patel is working for FlowDriven that is the most foremost Indian company for delivering outstanding work for IT sector. Apart from just development, designing and networking solutions, we also believe to share knowledge base with our readers for offering the top notch information about all the latest technologies of IT world…

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