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3 Easy Tips To Snap More Unique Marketing Photos For A Business

Are you worried that the marketing photos you’re snapping seem a bit too mundane and aren’t really unique enough to grab people’s attention? It may seem difficult to snap photos that are truly ‘unique’, but the fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t have to be complicated if you approach it from the right angle.

To start snapping more unique marketing photos for a business, there are a few easy tips in particular that you should try:

Experiment With Different Types Of Angles:

The vast majority of marketing photos have the same perspective, and are shot head-on from eye-level. While that can be a good angle to snap photos from to clearly show a product, it does not make for the most unique of photos.

If you want to try to make your photos look more unique, you should experiment with different types of angles. Snapping photos from close to the ground or overhead in particular can create some photos that really stand out.

Tell A Story In The Photo:

Sometimes the photo itself doesn’t have to be that unique, but it could come off as being unique if it tells a unique type of story. Both the small details as well as the overall picture matter a lot when you’re using photos for storytelling – and emotions are what will drive the point home.

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One example that you may want to try is using the product in a strange or out of the ordinary way in your photo. With the right approach this could produce an eye-catching photo that looks very different from what people expect.


Use The Shadows To Your Advantage:

In most cases marketing photos are taken in soft light, as hard shadows that distort or hide parts of the image aren’t desirable. However shadows can be helpful as well, and could serve to emphasize certain parts of your photos by creating contrast.

If you want to use shadows to create more unique marketing photos you should start experimenting with direct hard light. Try varying the position, distance, and intensity of the light source and observe how it affects the shadows on your subject. The goal should be to emphasize the parts that you want, while not obscuring important details in the photo.

Aside from snapping more unique photos, the post-processing that you put them through could help you to improve parts of your photos and make them look more unique. In particular you could use editing software to alter the frame and composition, adjust the colors and shadows, or even remove and replace certain elements. Most editors will let you do all of that, and for example you could try Movavi Photo Editor for Mac(

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By this point you should have several ideas that you can use to try to make your marketing photos more unique. Needless to say it will take some experimentation, but in time you should be able to come up with more eye-catching images for your marketing campaigns.

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