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How Bad Data Hurts B2B Companies? INFOGRAPHICS

If there are one thing sales and marketing campaigns rely upon these days more than anything, its data. You might have very talented salespeople using excellent sales and marketing automation tools but unless they are served with equally reliable and accurate data, there isn’t much they can do. Be it email marketing, cold calling, event marketing, or simply generating leads from a website, data holds the key to recognizing the right prospects and by extension, formulating the most effective outreach message.

But make no mistake, data, by all means, is a two-edged sword. As productive and resourceful good data can be, equally damaging is bad data. If good data helps you precisely target the most valuable prospects, bad data can lead you to the wrong path wasting significant time, money and resources.

To take an example, it takes salespeople around 8 cold calls to reach a prospect. That means they operate way below potential and waste the majority of their time dialing wrong numbers and chasing dead ends. Marketers face a similar problem in their email campaigns with significant bounce rates and abysmally low CTRs. These are all perils of bad data.

Now imagine if every number SDRs dial connects to the right prospect, wouldn’t that significantly boost their productivity and generate more leads? So if bad data have such drastic downsides, the obvious question is- why don’t companies try harder to keep their data clean? And even more importantly, what exactly is bad data? Where does it come from?

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Take a look at the infographic below to get the answers to all these questions and learn the steps you can take to keep the data in your database clean and thus shield your sales and marketing operations from the perils of bad data.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from SalesIntel

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