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Top 5 Nearby Attractions To Visit During Your Business Stay In Kanatal


If You Love Mountain, Adventure, Hiking, Or Adventure Activities? Here Are The Top Places To Visit During Your Stay In Kanatal…!!

Kanatal nestled in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand is a small village of extreme beauty, be it the beautiful mountain, the dense greenery or the adventurous activities. You can never get bored of the amazement that this hidden gem has to offer. Nevertheless, nothing can beat the gorgeousness of Kanatal’s mountains and densely wooded hilly areas.

Whether it is adventurous activities to add a touch of sensation to your trip or the best of the best hotel in kanatal, this small village has you covered.

This makes kanatal one of the best mountain retreats for adventure seekers and nature lovers. Best Time To Visit Kanatal Scenic Beauty The time of the year you’re planning to visit kanatal is considered a determining factor of the kind of trip and experience you will have once you are in Kanatal.

Therefore, you must plan your visit according to the climatic condition of this hill station. When it comes to the best time to visit Kanatal, the time between April to June during the summer season should be your best-loved pick if you’re going to make a trip to Kanatal.

While if you are a person who is mad about snowfall, then you should plan your trip between December to February for mesmerizing snowfall. In this blog, we are going to have a quick of the top 5 nearby attractions to visit during your stay in kanatal. So without any further ado, let’s scroll down!!

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Best Nearby Attractions To Visit During Your Stay In Kanatal:

Not every tourist attraction in the world is capable of leaving an enduring impression. In Kanatal, the popular nearby attractions are more than capable of offering an exceptional travel experience to every. Here is a list of the top places to visit during your stay in Kanatal:-


Surrounded by the spectacular lofty Himalayan, this beautiful hill station is nestled at an altitude of 2286 m above sea level and 25 km away from the queen of hills mussoorie. With the immense beauty of nature and dense forest, this place is one of the charming hidden gems in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayan.

Nestled in the sizzling and enticing tranquillity, Dhanaulti is amidst the panoramic views of natural scenery, scenic mountains, lush green surroundings, and splendid views of the Himalayan and Shivalik ranges.

Kodia Forest:

Kaudia Forest is an excellent getaway from the busy life of the city that can be explored by jeep safari or on foot. This mesmerizing forest is just about 6 km away from Kanatal. The enticing beauty and natural surroundings are prime attractions of the place – renowned for its several natural springs.

Apart from the Lofty trees, pleasing green meadows also hides away astounding views of valleys and hills along with spectacular views of the Himalayan peaks. This is why Kaudia Forest has become one of the top nearby attractions to visit near Kanatal.

Tehri Lake:

One of the first and foremost tourist attractions nearby is mussoorie which is famed for its spectacular natural scenery and astonishing beauty.

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This small town is about 1950 meters above sea level, the only organized town in the heart of Uttarakhand, Blessed with all-embracing views of the Tehri Dam and the captivating elegance of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges.

Eco Park & Adventure Park:

Eco Park is a serene getaway for bird watchers and homophiles who love nature. Just a few kilometers away from Kanatal, the eco-parks are haunched by Deodar trees with phenomenally stunning vistas of the Himalayas. The Eco-park near kanatal has two units namely Dhara and Amber, both residing about 200 m away from each other.

Dhanaulti Adventure Park is an excellent getaway for everyone looking to add a touch of adventure to their holiday experience. Lofty trees, luscious pleasing green meadows, and great Himalayan peaks make Kanatal’s adventure park one of the best places to visit in kanatal.

Surkanda Devi Temple:

Surkanda Devi Temple is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in kanatal that can not be missed if you desire to see the fantastic views of the hilltop mountains of dhanaulti and Rishikesh.

However, the trek and hike are complicated, but the mountainous view and spectacular scenery of the hilly area are worth it. This holistic temple is kanatal’s one of the most popular nearby attractions that also attract tourists.


What is the Best Place to stay in Kanatal?

Blessed with some luxurious and lavish hotels and resorts, kanatal offers an exceptional holiday experience that suits every pocket. This enticing hill station has a scenic beauty and tranquillity that rejuvenates every inch of your skim.

However, among the smart stay options and place to stay in kanatal, there are plenty of pricey resorts and hotel in Kanatal that provide nothing short of poor amenities and disappointment. So, it’s crucial for all to know about the best place to stay in kanatal where the budget meets luxury and lavishing amenities without sacrificing quality.

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Apple Estate is one of the most eminent hotels and resorts in Kanatal for a luxurious stay providing guests with lavishing amenities that suit every unique need. Counted among the top hotel in kanatal, we at In Apple Estate strive to offer our invitees modern facilities that match the global quality standard – on-budget and on-time services.

Let the splendid, calm, and soothing mountain view of the Himalayan range from your hotel room rejuvenate you. So what are you waiting for? Experience the immense beauty of Kanatal with a cozy stay and unforgettable hospitality experience at the one and only In Apple Estate Hotel and Resort based in Kanatal the heart of Uttarakhand.

Got some doubts about In Apple Estate? Visit our website and get in touch with us, we are looking forward to assisting you!!

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