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5 Effective Marketing Tips & Tools For Journalist

As the focus of journalism has been evolved from print media to digital media, the ability to make your content at the top of search engine only going to help you out in making revenue. The way you write title or content in traditional print media is never going to help you in rankings. So you need a different approach to overcome this problem. Gladly, there are number of free tools available on web to help you out, and here are some of my favorites.

Keyword Placement In Title:

A headline not only grabs theattention of readers, but also helps in leveraging SERP rank. For the same content your write, choosing the right keywords for the title may bring you huge difference in driving search traffic to your site.

There are few small tricks which you can follow to improve your SEO quality score and drafting a killer titles for your next blog post. For example, you are writing about a Football event and the proper structure for SEO friendly titles are,

  • Event name + Frequently Searched term + Time + Place
  • FIFA 2014 World Cup | Football | Live Streaming Online
  • *Make sure the title is within 60 characters.
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Make Use Of Google Trends:

To know what topics are trending on Google based on your country, topics or keywords that gained over 10,000 searches per day will be highlighted on a graph. If you look for “football” on Google trend search, the search volume will be higher on FIFA world cup days and started to decline on other months.

However, it has several other options which can be used to develop deeper into user’s search habit.

Google Autosuggest:

If the keywords are not obvious then type the search phrase in Google search bar, you will get list of autosuggestion from Google. These suggestions are extremely useful and sometime hilarious, as these shows how people are searching for those particular keywords.

These types of searches can be used to draft content based on that keywords and make a killer titles using the formula which I have said earlier.

Snippet Optimizer:

Want to know how your content looks exactly in Google SERP?, allow you to input the URL, title and meta description and by hitting “Add Snippet” button it displays how your content will be displayed to the users. This is a useful tool to tweak headlines and to make catchy Meta descriptions in order to make your content more clickable in Google search result page.

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Other alternative tool for Snipper Optimizer is Google Rich Snippets tool and if you a wordpress user try All in one SEO plugin.


This is otherwise called “Link building” within your own site. Yes, you all know how important link building is for your blog, like the same way, interlinking also plays a vital role in increasing Page authority of the article.

This is nothing but sharing your link juice to relevant articles of your blog in order to increase the authority of the page which helps in getting good rankings in SERP.

Hope the tips and tools which I mentioned here will make you a better player in search engine marketing. Let me know your views in the comment section.

Ron DavisAbout the Author:This is a guest post by Ron Davis, a freelance Digital Marketer and Tech Freak. He works for the site GravityFormsDiscount, a blog which provides discount coupons for gravity forms plugin.

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