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How To Make Sure An Android App Is Safe?

The Android app you just found looks like the solution to your immediate needs, but is it safe? This is an important question and one you need the answer to before you hit that download button. It is true that your smartphone cannot get the sort of viruses you try to protect your computer from. But there are many other dangers lurking in the app space.

People are being tricked all the time to pay for fake services. It is not always that obvious that an app or a message is a danger to your financial and personal security. Here are some things you can do when you want to stay on the safe side downloading a new app to your phone.

Read The Reviews:

If you are looking into app entertainment like the farming game Hay Match, you can see that the developer is serious. But there is more to look into. Have a look at the reviews that you find in the Google app store right under the app. Here you will find honest words written by users about the game. Check that it doesn’t come with bugs that could mess your phone and life up.

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Use ZAP Before You Download The App:

There is a free service called ZAP (Zcaler Application Profiler). This is a web tool that can assess any Android app quickly. It can also be used for iOS apps. All you have to do is type in the name of the app you want to download. ZAP will go through its database with information on various apps. You will find out if the app uses proper encryption when sending usernames and passwords and more. If ZAP says the app is fine, it probably is!


Don’t let the Trojan into your phone!

Try To Get The App From The Original App Store:

There is a risk when you buy apps from third party app stores. Brand names like Amazon might be safe but if you can, it is better to go straight to Google Play or the Apple app store. A third party might be completely free of much needed security filters. This could mean that you unwittingly let malware into your phone. Hackers know this and they often operate from third party app sites.

Once the Trojan is on your phone, it can lead to damages that you can never repair. You can just sit there and watch the money run out of your account with your digital authorization. Someone could gamble all your savings away just because you downloaded an app!

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Avoid Scams:

If it looks too good to be true, it probably is! There are plenty of app scams out there. If an app looks amazing, you should read up on it. Many times, it is enough to type in the name of the app with the word scam or fake into a search engine. You will soon see if people are complaining or warning you about this app. Scam apps also sometimes appear in serious app stores. So do your research even if you found the game or the tool in the Google Play store.

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