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Check Out The Top Ten Exciting And Extremely Useful Android Apps In 2018

An Android app development company offers professional application development services. The expert team of Developers possess updated knowledge of the latest trends and releases that help deliver world-class applications.

Android is renowned for its wonderful library of applications, wherein a user could find an app of almost any kind. The library is made all due to the great dedication of the app developers as well as the keen interest of the people in the Android operating system. The developers, even now keep working to build up new, tremendous applications for Android. With the ever growing popularity of the device and the rising demand for Android mobile app development, thousands of new applications are being launched and thousands more are being created by talented individuals.

The Top Ten New Android Applications For 2018:

To know more about the latest Android applications and for more convenience on what apps to download, check out the following new and exciting Android apps that will dominate and will be highly in demand this year.

1.) Opera Max Data Booster:

This is an app that definitely would help save precious data in a unique way. It’s guaranteed to enable one to save a lot of data with this application. This is put on the top of the list because of its better performance and actual capabilities. Opera max is the smart Android assistant, personally advising on the best way of saving data, manage apps and shield security. The usage patterns prompt the app to suggest the most efficient way of stretching the data plan and save money. The revamped home screen helps track and control the data consumption while reporting on external security threats as well.

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2.) ExpresssVPNEditors-Choice-OL:

To keep the device safe on sketchy public Wi-Fi, a solid VPN is important. ExpressVPN is one the most secure, trusted brands in the virtual private network industry and for a good reason. It’s extremely safe, super-fast, which boasts of an SSL-secured network with 256-bit encryption and unlimited bandwidth as well as speed. It has servers in 78 countries, which include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and others in more than 100 locations worldwide, thus there would always be a location near to give the best possible experience. Definitely, it’s one of the best Android apps in the market.

3.) Tictures:

This is a form of text plus pictures wherein access is given to make amazing text pictures, which look like emojis. The pictures could be shared with people for fun conversation or emotional conversation. Something of a different kind, which makes real sense and actually great. It allows browsing ASCII art and Unicode faces in an easy to use application.

4.) Science Journal:

Perform amazing science experiments and tactics for the world with the Android phone. One could use the Android device sensors and the hardware to do a lot of activities that are related to science. This helps learn science in a fun way. It’s a free digital science notebook by Google. Whether one is a science teacher or a hobbyist doing science at home, the app enables keeping notes, pictures and abbreviations all in a single convenient place. The sensors in the phone could measure and graph phenomena, like sound, light and motion, or connect to external sensors through Bluetooth, to do experiments on the world around.

5.) Google Play Developer Console:

For developers with apps on the Google Play Store, they could track the performance of their apps easily. This is very simple. They also have to install the application and use the credentials to locate the application data and the analytics for it. The Google Play console data could be accessed from an Android device. It also enables reviewing the performance statistics of the app as well as financial data. It also notifies on the status of an application and publishing changes.


6.) Moves-Steps By Lifesum:

Get motivated for more exercise with this Android app. IT lets one become more and more conscious of fitness. The application would tell a user the way of working out and when to work out for better growth. The beautifully designed application provides an effective and simple way of setting movement goals, remain committed and connect the activity with the way one eats. The smart notifications could be used to reach the daily goal and create streaks, to become healthier. The application not only helps a user to take daily exercise to the next level, but also provides a clearer view of how the food one eats is impacted by the exercise.

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7.) Universal Copy:

This is an application that makes it all universal to copy and paste text from one application to another or all over the system. There is no restriction that will block the way to copy the text. All it takes is to use it to open the notifications bar, tap the button for the application and chose the text or lines to be added to the clipboard. It’s so easy to copy and snippet. Universal copy is an extremely useful application in certain instances. With it installed, no application could stop from copying text and adding to the clipboard.

8.) Calculator:

It’s the most advanced calculator application available for Android. This is listed as the top-ranked application because of its one-of-a-kind minimal user interface that provide users a complete functionality in an easy form. Users could use the app for any kind of calculations, such as scientific calculations or any in-depth concepts among others. The app provides advanced and simple mathematical functions in a beautifully designed application. It could do:

  • Basic calculations like addition, multiplication, subtraction and division
  • Perform basic calculations on the go with Android Wear
  • Do scientific operations, like logarithmic, trigonometric and exponential functions

9.) Red Bull Alert – Alarm Clock:

A simply awesome and highly functional application, which helps manage alarms for reminders, notifications and others. A user could create of set alarm on schedule and the app helps control it. It’s the first alarm clock in the world that gives motivation to get up faster and to make the most of the day. The user could choose favorite sports themes and let the app wake one up with inspiring pictures and alarm sounds. Each day, the fully customizable clock application tracks how long it would take to turn off the alarm and supports with personalized instant feedback.

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10.) Cerberus Personal Safety:

This is one of the best Android applications that one should try in the Android mobile device. This is a personal safety solution for the whole family. In an emergency scenario or a possibly dangerous situation, one could quickly and easily share real-time location with loved ones. From the application, one could choose contacts and organize them in groups, choose which are enable and set the sharing duration. One could also add widgets on the home screen for sharing location with a contact or group with one tap and share the location quick from the wrist, on Android wear smart watches.

Smart phone exist to make people more productive. An Android application developer develops highly effective and highly useful apps to provide ease and convenience of Android fans.

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Nishal Bhalala has been working as Digital Marketing in a software development company named TatvaSoft since 5 years which offers Mobile App Development, development, Java Application Development and serving a large clientele worldwide. He is also quite active on social media and likes to explore with new friends in his quest to know the evolving world and trends of search engine optimization. Get Professional SEO Services to boost your eCommerce sales.

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