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Top 10 Presentation Trends To Watch Out For In 2017 And Beyond

I can’t predict with inevitability the future of presentations in the year 2017 and beyond. I’m simply not a futurist. However, one thing’s for sure—fast-paced, complex and ever-evolving technology will keep on redefining presentation techniques and trends in years to come. If your bottom line is increased sales and profitability, being ahead of the competition is a must-have strategy.

Perhaps the first step towards achieving your bottom line is connecting with your clients, employees and, suppliers competitors using the right presentation tools. From your website to brochures to virtual reality content, one fact stands out: survival of your firm is hinged on understanding presentation trends that can pitch for prospects attraction, conversion, and sales promotion.

In “Top 10 Presentation Trends to watch out for in 2017 and beyond” we delve deeper and bring to you the latest and cutting-edge technological trends that will define presentation in 2017 and beyond. Ready?

Presentation Trends To Watch Out For In 2017 And Beyond:

Below are some of the presentation trends that you should look out for to compete effectively in today’s competitive business environment:

1.) Odd Screen Ratio Presentations:

You may not be in the loop about the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint with regard to its default aspect ratio—the ratio of width to height—of the slides. Well, Microsoft has introduced a new default aspect ratio that caters for widescreen formats such as popular projectors and TVs. In all of the previous versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, the default aspect ratio was 4:3. Now, the default aspect is 16:9.

I know you’re now asking, “How can I change my slides to this new format?”

Well, the first step is updating your PowerPoint to the latest version. If you’re still using previous versions of PowerPoint such as 2010 and below, you’ll have to set the default aspect ratio manually. PowerPoint 2013 altered the default screen size to 16:9.  However, if you’re still using an old version and you want to switch to the new format, all you have to do is change the default setting by clicking Design>Page Set Up>On-screen Show and changing the default from 4:3 to 16:9.

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2.) Cinemagraphs:

Imagine pitching a marketing campaign for your client and all you want is fresh ideas. What better content can deliver fresh ideas if it is not the Cinemagraphs?

So, what are Cinemagraphs and why have they taken the advertising by storm?

Cinemagraphs are simply static images that have been incorporated with looping videos. Ideally, Cinemagraphs endeavors to cut through the noise to allow consumers stop and take notice of the marketing campaign. Cinemagraphs have certainly been causing quite a stir in the marketing world where marketers are constantly being challenged to generate more creative and engaging content that can pitch for sales promotion.

Certainly, Cinemagraphs will continue to be a factor in 2017 and beyond because of their appeal to customers and businesses.

3.) 3D Presentations:

Sometimes coming up with a presentation that has attractive designs can be the difference between a successful presentation and a failed one. Microsoft PowerPoint has long been used for creating attractive presentations. However, previous versions of this program have not incorporated 3D features that can help tweak your graphs, images and any other type of 3D objects.

If you’ve been used third-party tools and add-ins such as Perspector, Convexion, Aurora 3D Presentation and Anaglyph Maker, then I have good news for you! PowerPoint is set to metamorphose into PowerPoint 3D this year. For this reason, you’ll be in a position to add 3D images and animation to your presentations. Are you set for it? I can’t wait to have it on my computer.

4.) Virtual Reality Presentations:

Data collected by Statista shows that already more than 43 million people are active Virtual Reality (VR) users. As a matter of fact, VR has been introduced to virtually all aspects of our lives. From the announcement of new smartphones by phone manufacturers to start of VR broadcasts for popular sports such as NBA, there is no doubt that VR presentation will continue to redefine presentations in 2017 and beyond.

Therefore, if you wish to pitch for sales promotion or marketing campaign in future, an investment in VR will go a long way in ensuring you’ve driven your point home.


5.) Laser-Projected Presentations:

When you go to a movie theater, you may not be in the loop about what is going on in the projection closet. You simply want to watch the movie—which is a story told in pictures and sounds.

Where am I leading you?

Well, a movie that’s shown in the theater isn’t just a movie. It’s a presentation and great projection can make that movie appear sharper, colorful and more vivid. That’s what the latest technology—the laser-projected presentations—is providing to movie theaters. Laser-projected presentations are ideal for giant screens, rental staging, premium large formatting cinema, projection mapping and the theme parks.

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Not only does it produce some of the brightest images, but its purest colors and the excellent 3D visual experiences makes it suitable for presentation of movies. The laser-projected presentation technology seems to have gained ground in movie presentations. Therefore, in the future, the trend is likely to continue.

6.) Self-Motion Presentations:

Of late, technology enthusiasts have been incorporating static images with animation features that give them motion capabilities. The self-motion presentations strive to eliminate the bandwidth associated with normal videos. It is anticipated that these presentations will continue to expand in the year 2017 and beyond.

7.) Responsive Presentations:

The number of mobile devices—smartphones, iPads and tablets—and applications have grown exponentially making it difficult for presentation designers to develop content that can fit on all the devices and browsers. The responsive presentation is a technique where you develop a single presentation design and you adapt it to several mobile devices and presentation applications.

Besides providing a faster and smarter user experience, responsive presentations can increase the conversion rates if consumers are accessing the presentation content from their mobile devices. Now, because mobile devices and application are set to explode even more responsive presentations will continue to redefine presentations in 2017 and beyond.

8.) Web Presentations:

Sharing your PowerPoint presentation on a website may not be as straightforward as you think. Generally, you’re forced to use third party sites and applications such as the Slideshare to embed your PowerPoint presentation. If you’re still using these third party applications, then you may be lagging behind.

You can create and share your PowerPoint presentations in WordPress—the popular CMS. By using the WordPress CMS to create your presentations, you’ll be bringing visitors to your website. Once the visitors have been hooked onto your website, you can now convert them into customers. Besides, having HTML5 slideshow on your website is a good SEO strategy since all your slides will be indexed by Google and help users land on your website.

SEO is still the most consideration for websites because of its promising potentials of promoting a firm’s bottom line. Using web presentations that are indexed by search engines is set to expand even more in 2017 and many years to come.

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9.) Self-Generating Presentations:

Already more than 1.5 billion smartphones are in active use globally. And this number is set to rise to 5 billion in a few short years. As everyone around the globe migrates to smartphones and tablets, the world of online survey is getting the world attention. Companies have been creating tools that help them to interact with their consumers on mobile computing platforms.

Now, since every online survey will be interactive, self-generating presentations will play a greater role in 2017 and many years to come.

10.) Non-Stock Presentations:

Convergence has become a buzzword in virtually all the different types of industries. From telecommunications to digital photography to presentations, the list is endless. In presentations and digital photography, the convergence of DSLR and other mirrorless technologies have led to the emergence of non-stock presentations.

Even though the stock presentations have been seen as an entirely different category of presentations, today non-stock presentations are emerging as tools for depth presentations and continuous platform for the development of amazing smart devices that provides natural life inspirations that are devoid of using stock shots.

Going forward, we expect to see more of non-stock presentations taking center stage as a replacement for stock presentations.

Putting It All Together:

Because of fast-paced, complex and ever-evolving technology, the business environment is continuously evolving. Today’s companies must not only compete on faster ROI but also face stiff competition from competitors where the time to market is severely limited. Pitching sales promotion, marketing campaigns and prospects attractions requires a clear strategy.

Using the right presentation tools can help you pitch the right sales promotion, marketing campaigns and attracting prospects to your business. If there’s any advice that you can take home from this blog, then it is the fact that understanding the presentation trends that are likely to impact your business decision is the only way in which you’ll be able to communicate with your client.

I hope that you’ve grasped all the presentation trends in 2017 and beyond. What is your take? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Aayush JainAbout the Author:

Aayush Jain began his career with Infosys to work as a Business Analyst and later moved to a Brand Consultancy where he helped more than 35+ brands on comprehensive strategic branding assignments.With an experience of more than 6 years and a passion for making presentation, he started INK PPT.

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    Minimalist designs have been in the spotlight for the past few years. These designs are characterized by minimal text, simple graphics, and abstract styles. The trend has been catching on globally.
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