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8 Ways For Bloggers To Make Money On Instagram

Instagram is one of the biggest podiums for socialization online. In fact, it has already reached an enormous 700 million active users worldwide. Since it was founded last 2010, the features of Instagram have already significantly progressed. It has now evolved into a viable source of income.

Earning money through social media can take a long time, but if you familiarize yourself with the necessary strongholds you need to establish, you’ll be reaping what you have sown a lot faster. It would be a great help if you establish a cohesive theme for your posts and make sure to maximize your socialization. Once you have established a firm sense of relevance on Instagram, that’s where you can start making money. Here are 8 ways for bloggers to make money on Instagram:

1.) Sell Your Photos:

This is the most obvious means of generating income on Instagram since its main feature is on photographic posts. If you are a photographer or if taking pictures is your hobby, you may upload you best quality projects and supplement them with hashtags to catch the attention of potential buyers. Community Foap and Twenty20 are websites where you can alternatively sell your Instagram posts.

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2.) Look For Sponsors And Create Sponsored Posts:

Believe it or not, some private companies would actually pay you just by posting on Instagram. If you have a really big number of followers, you can look for sponsors and post a picture with their company brand. Ifluenz is a very useful tool for this strategy. It is an online site where you can look for available campaigns and propose to be sponsored.

3.) Affiliate Marketing:

This may sound complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. You earn money through promotions. Engaging with cost per action affiliate marketing on Instagram simply requires you to browse for products you want to promote online and paste the URL to your bio. You earn money whenever people take actions to the URL you posted such as signing up or clicking external links. MaxBounty and Sharesale are two of the most commonly used tools for this strategy.

4.) Sell Your Instagram Account:

This option is known to be the one-time-big-time way of earning money on Instagram. If your account has been well-established and you have tons of followers, you will be surprised by how much money people would be willing to offer in exchange of followers.


5.) Advertise Your Business:

As Instagram is a social networking site, it is one of the best partners you can have when advertising your product. Be sure to post highly-quality photos that showcase the main features of your products and services. This option can massively broaden your market and even potentially expand your business.

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6.) Make Your Portfolio Through Instagram:

For photographers, music enthusiasts, and video bloggers, this strategy has a very high potential of giving you a higher income. You can directly contact and negotiate with private companies to promote their brands on Instagram. It will also be highly enticing if your samples have generated a great number of followers. If they approve, they will pay you to promote their brand through your posts. This option can be potentially more long-term than the abovementioned creation of sponsored posts.

7.) Open An Online Store:

If you do not have the space to put up an actual business firm, worry no more. With the rise of online shipping companies coupled with the huge trend of users preferring to shop online, you can now conveniently sell products in the cyber world. You simply need to create a PayPal account for your money transactions and all that’s left for you is to advertise your products on social media sites like Instagram. It greatly helps to create an account solely for your store to make transactions easier.

8.) Sign Up For Multi-Level Companies:

Given the infinite potentials of gaining a bigger market through Instagram, some companies actually reach out to active users and directly hire them as marketing agents. Team Beachbody is a very popular tool for this. They usually recruit users who are interested in health as the overall themes of their accounts to advertise their products.

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Final Thoughts:

Earning money on Instagram is a very promising option. But just like any source of income, active efforts to maintain your earnings are highly essential. Since it is market-based, be sure to gain as many followers as you can!

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Alex Angeles is a content writer for BuyRealMarketing whose credibility is focused on social media marketing. With her prowess, she perceives what a business needs and equip her social media marketing skills integrating the Buy Real Marketing services.

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