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Outstanding Advertising: 4 Things To Look For In A Marketing Specialist

Business owners who want to optimize their company’s advertising efforts should know that hiring the right marketing specialist can help them realize the goal. To ensure that you find the perfect person for the position, be sure to look for the following four things in the job candidate:

The Candidate’s College Degree:

One thing you should carefully consider when looking for a marketing specialist is the type of degree they’ve earned. Technically, there is no one degree program which guarantees that you’ll be hiring an educated, astute individual who will be able to get things done quickly and correctly. However, there are several degree programs such as graphic arts that are conducive to excellence in the sphere of marketing.

One of them is advertising. Another is communications. Some of the other degree programs that are conducive to success in the marketing sector include public relations, business, and English. Each of these degree programs is important and advantageous because they improve the individual’s ability to share information in a clear, concise manner that can captivate audiences and get them intrigued with your brand.

A Proven Track Record:

In addition to considering the job candidate’s college degree, make sure that you take their track record into consideration. As noted in Businesses Grow, a marketer who wants to apply for a senior or mid-level position should be able to provide you with samples of their work. This can include campaigns, websites, strategic plans, press releases, original copy, and more.

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Additionally, the work completed by the job candidate should indicate that she or he is capable of generating substantive results for the company. Measurable outcomes can range from conversion to brand loyalty to the maintenance of an effective referral program and much more. Make sure that the job candidate in question is capable of consistently attaining substantive, measurable results before you hire her or him.

Excellent Communication Skills:

Another thing to look for in a marketing specialist is excellent communication skills. As noted in Bloominari, marketing specialists are the individuals who function as the “megaphone” for your organization. As such, this individual needs to be an absolutely amazing speaker, editor, and writer. She or he must also have exceptional note-taking and listening skills.

With these realities in mind, make sure that you pay attention to the job candidate’s communicative abilities throughout the interview process. Also carefully review the resume to determine whether the individual in question has completed any degrees, certifications, or work-related projects which indicate substantive skill in this area.


Desire For Growth:

One final attribute that you should definitely look for in a marketing specialist is a desire for growth. This attribute is immensely powerful because people who are interested in growth constantly seek out experiences and educational opportunities that will expand their skill set. People who seek out growth are also more likely to be internally motivated, meaning that they are oftentimes self-starters and problem-solvers.

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Within the marketing sector, the desire for growth can materialize in multiple ways. For example, a marketing specialist may want to optimize her or his capacities in the digital sector by learning how to put together compelling content or develop an interactive blog.

A marketing specialist may also want to take a PowerPoint Presentation course which helps her or him communicate ideas in a more effective, engaging manner. Let it be known to the job candidate that you’re seeking out people who have a deep hunger for growth, and listen carefully to how the individual responds to what you say. Also check the candidate’s resume and search for signs that the specialist is constantly acquiring new skills!

Business owners who want their organizations to thrive should know that finding the ideal advertising expert is a great way to realize the objective. If you’re ready to start looking for the ideal candidate, note that there are specific attributes that the best marketing specialists will almost always have. Four of them are listed above. Refer to the data found in this quick reference guide to increase the likelihood that you will locate the perfect person for your company!

Kara MastersonAbout the Author:

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from West Jordan, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah and enjoys writing and spending time with her dog, Max. Kara recommends looking into candidates with degrees in fields like graphic design to supplement your marketing team.

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