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TikTok Analytics: A Complete Guide For Brands And Marketers

Are you looking forward to building a strong presence on social media, then have a look at TikTok. It is the most downloaded app of 2020.

TikTok is famous for video-sharing apps. It offers plenty of unique opportunities for businesses to enhance their business. In this app, you are allowed to shoot short-form videos to express your feelings and thoughts. TikTok provides equal space for both entertainment and to do promotional activities. Using TikTok, businesses can create engaged communities, build brand exposure, and gain conversion.

Tracking and measuring your performance on social media is crucial. Hence, TikTok is not exceptional. By analyzing your actions, you can improve your progress. Whether you are a brand or a marketer, you need to get aware of TikTok analytics tools.

This article will help you know more info on TikTok analytics that work for brands and marketers.

Let’s get started,

Know-How To Access Tiktok Analytics Tool?

If you want to access TikTok analytics, you need to have a TikTok pro account. Not having a TikTok pro account, well, it’s easy to convert your regular account to a TikTok pro account. Go to your TikTok profile. You will have three dots in your upper-right corner. Click that. Privacy and settings option will be open, in this tap on managing my account option, next switch to a pro account.

After changing this setting, wait for some time for data to aggregate. I think, now, ready to access your TikTok analytics. Just go to your account, and choose analytics. Once you open it, you will have three tabs: overview, content, and followers. Let’s see one by one.

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TikTok Overview Analytics:

As soon as you open your analytics, you will see this tab, which is the first option under your it. This tab will provide you with complete video views, followers, profile views. You can see the results from the last seven days. However, if you tab, you can see the data for the last 28 days.

Video Views:

The video views metrics are crucial because you can decide your impression rate with these metrics and check how people are engaged with your content.

You can monitor the data for the last 28 days, which is more beneficial to measure performance. When you receive more videos on a specific day, see what kind of videos are working for your account. By visiting this, brands or marketers can figure out what type of video fits their business.

TikTok Followers Trackers:

These metrics will show the total number of your TikTok followers. Check for 28 days to see your growth. It may increase or decrease. Scanning this metric is essential because not all viral video views will convert into your followers. Besides, it helps you know which videos are bringing new followers.

Profile Views:

Finally, you are in the last section of the overview tab, yeah it’s profile views. With the help of these metrics, you can spot who visited your TikTok profile. When people like your videos, sure they will visit your profile. That way, you can drive more audience for your brand.

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Firstly, you should have enough followers to increase your profile visits. When you get more profile visits, your videos will be watched by more people. But, when you are new to TikTok, you might not have enough followers and so the profile visits will also be fewer. In that case, you should know how to buy TikTok views to increase the engagement rate. for your videos. When your engagement rate is increased, you will see a hike in your followers count and profile visits.

Second TikTok Content Analytics:

Content analytics will tell the result of your video posts and trending videos.

Video Posts:

This section will display all the video posts that you have posted in the last seven days. Also, on each video’s thumbnail, you can see the total number of views for those videos.

Trending Videos:

Here, you will watch all your trending videos. You may find any common stuff in each of the videos. It can be lightning, background, expression, and more. It helps notice which type of videos is going viral.

Third TikTok Followers Analytics:

This is one of the worthy tabs because it will provide you information about your followers.

Followers Count:

Here, you will see your followers count and its percentage over the past seven days. Regularly check your followers count. It may increase or decrease. According to that, you can adjust your marketing strategies. Moreover, you can also figure your audience’s gender by this section. Under the gender, breakdown the option to spot the top territories of your followers.

Check Your Followers Activity:

Using the follower’s activity section, you can discover your follower’s times and days of their active time. Noticing this data, you can easily find out the best time to post your videos on TikTok. When you deeply look into this field, you can see how they are using this platform. Remember, account to account. It may vary; depending on your brand’s audience time, you can schedule your post.

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Know Your Follower’s Interest:

In this tab, you can know other TikTok videos that are popular among your followers. Just spot your sight to see which types of content your followers are watching and like to engage. It helps to know their preferences, topics, and interests. You can clearly understand what they want from your account.

Your Followers Favorite Songs Or Music:

Even you can smell your followers’ favorite sounds through this section. It will show you what music your followers have listened to. Brands and marketers can make use of this and create videos on follower’s favorite songs. It may help to maximize your engagement rate, and that way, you can promote your business.

Final Thought:

I think you now know how to access, understand your TikTok analytics tools. If you’re a brand or marketer, you need to keep track of your results to grow your business. If you want to measure or evaluate your performance, TikTok analytics will help you most. Through analytics, you can gather lots of informative data of your account, content, followers. Make use of those metrics mentioned-above to improve your progress.

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