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Blockchain To Ruin Ransomware Threat

Permanence is a key point for ensuring cyber security. As long as data is permanent, there is no use to modify it. It is not about unauthorized rewriting or copying the data, the hackers simply have no way to hack. What is permanence for your data? It is basically about ensuring every single byte in every single file remains unchanged, invulnerable to any hacker’s tricks.

There is a straight way to permanence: the blockchain. It is a real breakthrough because the blockchain enables permanence. You hold your data no matter what is going on. It is not a matter of trust and deception, leaks and hacks. That is to say, there is no risk of unexpected and unjust misuse.

Flaws and vulnerabilities seem to be imminent, but blockchain is not the case. There is no way inside. Data flows in the same direction, any pins and entry gateways are simply not provided for. Once hashed, the data becomes gibberish, stealing and sharing makes no sense. This removes a critical vulnerability in IT security.

IT people need to ensure privacy and security of their data flows inside their networks, especially at entering and exiting. The data exchange is ongoing on a large scale involving billions of units of data. An attacker may be anyone with access rights who takes hold and locks a piece of data demanding a payment for its release. That is how ransomware operates, and this risk is always in place, where a new member joins the networks without in-depth verification. The crooks only need to infect one vessel once, so they monitor the device and launch the attack when it integrates into the network sufficiently.

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Table of Contents

Risks And Implications:

Information is the most valuable asset these days. In the modern world, data goes digital. Fund transfers, copyright items, data archives, personal communication – all run and remain in electronic format, not in a hard copy. To be on a safe side, you need to keep track of and secure the data taking into account the cyber threats emerging.

The implications of data hacking include, but not limited to, the following:

Corporate Communication: If IM and email data is not secure, any kind of internal communication faces collaboration problems. The risks grow in numbers if the cooperation takes place on a global stage.

Customer Security And Trust: Would you share a bit of private or banking information with a party that cannot guarantee its security? Your customers would not like it, definitely. Your sales and incomes are at stake.

Reputation: A single leakage would suffice to shatter your company name. This will affect every component of your undertaking, from human resource and customers to stakeholders and sales.


One Fits All:

The blockchain is the ultimate solution. Ransomware is a major threat. It is a versatile issue. Its attack may deny access to your important data. Otherwise, the infection scrambles your files so that the decryption is only available if authorized by the remote hackers.

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The more sophisticated attack steals a limited, but very precious piece of information. That creates a micro-breach that is hard to spot and recover. A majority of corporate and private users are not really aware of their data origin, hence following the thread to where it comes from is a challenge even for a trained cyber forensic.

Here comes a blockchain. It has not been tailored specifically as a protection again such hacks but fits for this purpose perfectly. This incredible feature rests upon total absence of any access restrictions and ensures retention of every bit of data. Should hackers modify any file, IT team can easily spot and abort the unauthorized intervention.

Moreover, not only the unwanted modifications are easy to spot. This revolutionary technology enables tracing back the intrusion to its entry point and even beyond.

Keep Your Doors Shut:

IT security is in charge of keeping business systems private to a limited number of users, hence the need for appropriate solutions. Reliable software for those purposes must provide totally verified access of third-party software and visitors to the corporate systems.

The emerging blockchain technology proliferates. It has proven its unprecedented security for data networks. A blockchain system keeps every bit of data recorded. Meanwhile, it is monitoring system for modifications without any human intervention and reports attacks immediately as they are about to unfold.

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David BalabanAbout the Author:

David Balaban is a computer security researcher with over 15 years of experience in malware analysis and antivirus software evaluation. David runs the project which presents expert opinions on the contemporary information security matters, including social engineering, penetration testing, threat intelligence, online privacy and white hat hacking. As part of his work at Privacy-PC, Mr. Balaban has interviewed such security celebrities as Dave Kennedy, Jay Jacobs and Robert David Steele to get firsthand perspectives on hot InfoSec issues. David has a strong malware troubleshooting background, with the recent focus on ransomware countermeasures.

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