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10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress For Your New Website?

It comes as no surprise that WordPress is presently the biggest CMS in the online world. This is on account of WordPress gives all of you the tools important to begin on the web, is anything but easy to utilize, and is wrapped up in a natural interface. Here are 10 reasons why you ought to utilize WordPress to build your website.

1.) Simple To Use:

The reason WordPress is utilized by 28.2% of all websites is that it is splendidly basic and outstandingly simple to utilize. WordPress is beginner-friendly and has an exceptionally natural interface, giving the ideal beginning stage to the individuals who are beginning up their own particular business and aren’t viewed as extremely well informed. In case you’re not prepared to attempt server-side setup or to bounce into the Linux order line, WordPress will furnish you with all that you require!

2.) Protected And Secure:

Since the discharge 14 years prior, WordPress has tried to improve and sharpen its scope of security highlights, giving its clients the most ideal security and adventure counteractive action of any generally utilized CMS accessible today. It’s critical to take note of that more established renditions of WordPress will proceed to work and be upheld by our facilitating environment, however this is certainly not suggested as this may abandon you open to abuse and vindictive assaults. You can help relieve these potential issues by utilizing the clever automatic-updater, which comes standard with your WordPress installation.

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3.) Website Design Enhancement (Search Engine Optimization) Friendly:

Having a very much positioned website in search engines, for example, Google and Bing is vital to the achievement of any business, and with WordPress, this makes this procedure a ton less demanding! Plugins, for example, Yoast are the ideal approach to guarantee that your website is as SEO-friendly as would be prudent, removing the diligent work from positioning on these search engines. In the event that you need to take in more about SEO and how it’s vital to your business, we prescribe perusing Moz’s manual for SEO.

4.) Open Source Product:

The magnificence of WordPress being open source is that it gives you the usefulness to change the code to fit the necessities of your website. Having source code accessible to anybody and everybody enables designers and IT Professionals to study, change, and disseminate its source to enhance testing and give clients bug settles as quickly as time permits.


5.) Gives eCommerce Solutions:

Huge numbers of our clients depend on their online business as their essential source of salary and because of WordPress, your eCommerce choices are interminable! There are plugins, for example, WP Ecommerce, and WooCommerce to build your site, which can likewise be effectively incorporated with outsider installment passages, for example, Stripe and Paypal. Notwithstanding utilizing these incredible plugins to help support the customisation accessible to your eCommerce website, we generally prescribe guaranteeing that you utilize a SSL declaration to help forestall truck surrender.

6.) Gigantic Market Share:

We’ll say it once more; WordPress is the allegorical goliath of the CMS world and has been for a long while. As of the 21st of September, 2017, WordPress had amassed an aggregate of 59.5% of the world’s CMS piece of the pie. With an organization this expansive developing at such an exponential rate, you can wager that they will search for better approaches to enhance their item every day and you can ensure you’ll never be left oblivious!

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7.) Web-Based Social Networking Integration:

Having an across the board online nearness is no uncertainty the foundation of a flourishing on the web business and because of WordPress you now can without much of a stretch insert hyperlinks into your web-based social networking channels, (for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) so the greater part of your clients can undoubtedly remain in the know regarding the greater part of your most recent developments, news, and items. There are a wide assortment of valuable online networking plugins for WordPress, so make utilization of them!

8.) You Don’t Need To Be A Developer:

You may not know this but rather WordPress is composed totally in PHP… Though this implies actually nothing to the normal client because of the streamlined interface and natural highlights gave by the WordPress CMS! Why burn through several hours learning HTML and CSS when you can utilize WordPress to build your website with a variety of plugins and themes accessible to you for nothing!?

9.) A Large Number Of Plugins And Themes:

A standout amongst the most extraordinary highlights of WordPress is the sheer number of one of a kind themes that are accessible for utilize, a considerable lot of which are allowed to utilize and are completely responsive! Regardless of whether your clients are hoping to visit your website on their telephone, tablet, or desktop, you realize that they’ll generally be given an excellent client encounter. WordPress remains solitary with respect to the accessibility of up and coming and an exceptional scope of themes accessible for utilize. A dominant part of the themes are allowed to use, as well as responsive, so those clients that want to see your website on their telephone and tap around, won’t be liable to a poor survey understanding. Notwithstanding the themes accessible, WordPress gives its clients access to a perpetual number of plugins that assistance to help each part of your website, from blocking spam remarks through to reserving your substance to give a speedier stacking website. The potential outcomes really are unfathomable!

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10.) Something Other Than For Blogs:

WordPress was initially outlined as a CMS to be utilized to make blog content and was to a great degree essential with respect to the highlights made accessible to its clients. The way to WordPress’ prosperity is that it has figured out how to hold its straightforwardness throughout the years while developing its scope of highlights so it can be utilized for something other than individual web journals, notwithstanding overseeing power huge websites, for example, Sony Music and The New Yorker!


WordPress is an intense website-building tool that anyone can use to make a great and responsive website. It is always showing signs of change and adjusting to the way individuals need to make their website, and this by itself is reason enough to consider making the move over to WordPress.

In case you’re keen on building your website with WordPress, our most recent scope of intense shared Web Hosting designs are upgraded for speed and unwavering quality when utilizing WordPress.

Sunny ChawlaAbout the Author:

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Alliance International IT – a Web design and Development Company. Helping global businesses with unique and engaging tools for their business. He would love to share thoughts on WordPress Development, Digital Marketing Services, Web Designing and mobile app development.

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