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Qadabra: A Best Way To Monetize Your Blog With Good Revenue

Qadabra: A Best Way To Monetize

After many request, here we are sharing our personal views about Qadabra that we are using right now on this blog too. Qadabra, It’s Magically simple, is self-serve ad-platform that is providing ads to blogger, web owners, publishers etc without any limits. As many of you and if we said everyone then it will be surely right that you all know about Google Adsence. You all thinks that this is the the best ad platform that is, we accept this but it’s not for all. There are so many requirements that you have to fulfill before applying for it and in the latest count nearly a huge amount got rejected about activation that is all because of their new TOS and some other requirement like must have an old blog, better visitor count bla bla that a newbie blogger can’t provide. Even you fulfill these requirements but still they point out any error and slipped your application from their desk but does it mean that he can’t earn. He can because Qadabra is here for us…

Here after posting a lot of ads providing site, I am here with Qadabra. If you have a new blog and didn’t have much criteria to apply for Google Adsence then it’s time to monetize your site with Qadabra. It has a lot of features that are really gonna help you out and will attract you also to try this out too.

What Is Qadabra?

Qadabra: Your Blog With Good Revenue

Qadabra was earlier known as AdsGadget. Qadabra (AdsGadget), newly launched advertising network from Marimedia, is a self-serve ad platform created explicitly for publishers looking to monetize their website or blog traffic by earning revenue through performance-based advertising. If you are a advertiser and want your product to be popular then it’s also best for them because it’s rotating ads will provider advertisers visits all around the region.The ads shown by Qadabra are banners.

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Why We Recommend It?

As we described that it is a well based and a fast growing banners ads network that is also a good adsense alternative. There are a lot of high quality advertisers that are using it to promote their product all around the world. We have seen many local and international ads on my blog by Qadabra. There are many other features too as a most important thing is you do not need to wait for an account approval as other companies do. Within a few minutes after registration you will be able to get ads code and after implantation also able to see ads on your blog. The minimum payout is very low $1 and the payout procedure is also available for all region by using their top level money acceptor thats why we highly recommend it.

Ads Type:

Cost Per Click (CPC) – The amount paid to the publisher each time a user clicks an ad.
Effective Cost Per Thousand Impressions (eCPM) – The cost of a campaign divided by the total number of impressions delivered by that campaign, multiplied by 1000.
Cost Per View (CPV) – The amount paid to the publisher each time an ad is viewed.
Click Through Rate (CTR) – The number of clicks an ad receives divided by the number of times the ad is shown (impressions).

Ads Installation Made Easy:

Qadabra implementation  service is so easy as you count 1-2-3. Just fill the form with required data and click to get code and simply add it on your blog where you want to be it. Even if you are a newbie then you will also experience that Qadabra has just got one of the most easiest implementation of ads. You just have to copy and paste and it’s done.

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Your Desired Ads Size:

Qadabra: A Best To Earn Good Revenue

There are all top recommended best size of ads (120×600, 160×600, 300×250, 468×60, 728×90,) are available on this network. There are also some rich ads type available that will help you to earn more then these sizes. In that type they have POP-Under, POP-Up, Light Box, Slider, Stay On ads. Unlike other ads industries, it will not increase your loading time because it’s optimized by there professionals to load quick as possible. You don’t have to worry about your loading time.

Single Digit Payout:

As other Ads providers, there is not a limit of your payout. You just have single digit ($1) in you balance to get your earning to you desired paying system. So you have to just earn $1 that you can do it in a min too if you have a good amount of visitors to your web page.

Easy To Be In:

As others have, there is not a long form that will loose your huge time. Just move forward and be in within 1-2 min only and get your code then start earning. Just count 1-2-3 and start viewing ads on your site. There is no need to wait and get accepted your blog to earn $$$ like others.

Good Customer Service:

Qadabra also have a good professional staff to help you out in every side of your problem. You just have to sent them a message and they will reply your problem with 100% perfect answer quick. They also have a pre most asked question list answered at their sites listed as FAQs then don’t forget to see your problem there first.

No Limits:

Qadabra: Start Earning Good Revenue

There are no limits here like others. Some site required huge impression per months or check your site from where you are receiving impression then they will start providing ads. If you want to add your other site then you have to ask also to let that in or not that not here. Just add any site fulfilling TOS and start getting ads on it. There is no limits to impression, clicks, views etc to be in.

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No Requirements:

Some but a lot of companies review your site after signing up and before providing you Ads as Qadabra not. Just login and create ad codes and place it on your blog and start viewing ads on your site. Qadabra just check that where the codes are implemented are according to there TOS. Then the ads will start running or  your site within seconds.

Full Features Dashboard:

The most best feature of Qadabra is that they provide a real time dashboard with earning and detailed reports likes most of others not. There are many site that are also providing dashboard will full detailed report but of one day ago that in Qadabra, it shows also of the same day and few sec agi impression and your final earning too. They also provide every ad unit impression and earning details one by one too.

Ads Rate:

Qadabra is a of payment models like CPM (cost per mile or thousand), CPC (cost per click), CPA (cost per action) and has a good count of advertisers. As advertisers pays Qadabra also pays his publisher more if they provide impression and click from UK, US Canada. There are different rats depends upon location and counts.

PayOuts Made Easy:

Their payment method is PayPal, Prepaid Payoneer MasterCard® and Wire transfer via Payoneer. There payouts is also less as no one others have. You can get your money out if you have min $1 via PayPal, $20 via Prepaid Payoneer MasterCard®, $500 via Wire transfer via Payoneer.

So Why Are You Waiting For, Let’s Get In”


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  1. myk says:

    I got $25 on one click with Qadabra,maybe its because of CPA offer on displayed ad.thanks Qadabra!

  2. NAHID HASSAN Nissan says:

    thanks for sharing.if you got time visit here for more information

  3. Sudheer Yadav says:

    Qadabra is very good source of earning. You can use the same they do now ask for any special apporval just apply and use Like I am using on

    • EXEIdeas says:

      Welcome Here And Thanks For Sharing Your Views About Qadabra. Yes, It Is Easy To Use And Approve For Everyone. Hope To See You Again On Other Articles.

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