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What Is On Page SEO?  Take Your Website On Top

What-is-On-Page-SEO -Take-Your-Website-On-Top
Two important things should be followed while doing search engine optimization for any blog or website. One is on page optimization and the other is off page optimization. Today I will discuss about on page optimization as well as I will share some important techniques for taking a blog or a website to the first page of a search engine through on page optimization.

We all know that on page optimization is useful for making the internal option of a blog suitable for search engine. It is a process of taking place in the search engines through title tag, meta tag, keyword, good quality content etc. When you will do these things properly, then you will be able to think that your website/blog’s on page optimization is completed.

Why Will You Do On Page Optimization?

As I said before, on page optimization is a process of setting your blog’s internal title tag, meta tag, keyword, good quality content etc. correctly. The search engine is a type of software. It can’t understand anything like the human brain. It only understands the command. In this case, if you cannot give the exact command, then it won’t understand your website and it will ignore your website. That’s why you need to do on page optimization in the proper manner for making the search engine understand the importance of your website. If you can do the on page optimization of your blog properly, only then you can expect your website in the first page of the search engine. Below we will discuss about some important techniques of on page optimization.

Good Quality Content:

Brilliant content of a blog is able to take the top spot of search result without search engine optimization (SEO). If anyone can do proper SEO beside publishing good quality content, then he won’t need to think about traffic. There is a saying in the language of the search engines ”Brilliant content is the main thing of all SEO”. If you can share good quality unique content about any topic in your blog which is not shared in internet or which have been shared less, then your article can be at the top of search engine result without any SEO. Since it is not possible nowadays, you have to try to publish good quality content and follow the rules of SEO.

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Post Title:

80% of all traffic came from a search engine come to a website depending on the post title because title is the summary of the contents of a post. Content is definitely the king of SEO but content is created following the post’s title. If anyone can create an attractive title according to the subject of the post, then I think he can maintain the internal SEO of that blog very easily. A beautiful and optimized blog post title is able to attract the attention of search engine robot.

Meta Description:

Nowadays meta description is the most important meta tag because search engine gives the most priority to meta description after meta tag. When someone search for a topic in the search engine, then search engine see the title of the post as well as the meta description. In this case, if the search keyword is found in the title or in the meta description of your website, then there is a possibility that your website will come in the first page of the search engine. In this case, the meta description of your website should be a combination of important keyword according to the content. I have seen a lot of good quality blogs that they give no importance to meta description. They copy the post title and use it as meta description. In this case, the meta description does not carry any importance to the search engine.


Permalink Structure:

A good structured URL is good to see and it carries a lot of weight to the search engine. You should create a Permalink according to the subject of the post. If you create the Permalink according to the important keywords of the post, then it creates a possibility to come to a good position in the search result. Many people write a URL without giving any importance to this issue. Think about this article. If you use any numeric URL, then how the search engine will understand about the subject of this article? If you use the main keyword of this article in the URL, then search engine will easily understand the subject of this article.

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Heading Tags:

Usually various important heading tags of a blog is written in the form of h1, h2, h3 and h4. These types of heading tags carry a lot of importance for the search engine optimization. When you write a post, the most important heading tag should remain in h1 form because h1 heading tag is more important to search engine than any other heading tags. Rest of the heading will be used as h2, h3, h4 gradually.

Content Interlinking:

When you write a new post, you can link one or two post with different keyword related to the new post as anchor text. This system won’t be able to bring traffic directly from search engines but it will be able to keep the visitor came from search engine for a longer time in your website, which will increase the page view. It will also increase your blog’s internal Backlink. However, you should refrain from linking a post which is not related to the new post. If you link unnecessary post with any keyword, then the search engine bots can take it as a spam link. So you should create internal link related to the new post and the keyword.

Linking To Other Blogs:

You can create external Backlink through writing in good quality NoFollow or DoFollow blogs related to the subject of your blog or through joining and commenting in different forum. It cannot bring visitors directly to your website from search engine but it will be able to bring some visitors to your website from those blogs. This will contribute to increase the ranking of your blog. If you can create good quality DoFollow links for your blog, then the Backlinks of your blog will increase and you surely know that DoFollow Backlinks significantly contribute for increasing the ranking of your blog.

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Image Optimization Of The Post:

Images are an important part of blog posts. You can give the readers a clear idea about any subject using images in a blog post. There are some kind of posts, where it is not possible to give the readers a clear idea without images. On the other hand, search engines bring the images of your blogs separately in the search result. Generally, you have seen that google search result contains an image tab. Many desired images of that topic can be found by clicking it. If you optimize images for making it friendly with the search engines, then there’s a possibility to get many visitors from those images. You can optimize the images of a blog through Alt Tag and Caption.

Keyword Density:

Keyword density is the number of times a word can be found in your blog post. Suppose there are 100 words in a page of your blog and keywords are found 5 times in those 100 words, then the keyword density is 5%. It’s harder to tell properly what should be the keyword density of a page. I think the keyword density should be between 5-7% of a page. Remember that high keyword density is as not good as low keyword density.

Last Word:

I have tried to give you the complete idea of the most important topics of On Page SEO in the easiest way. If you continue blogging after following the above topics, then I believe that you will get success by getting enough visitors from the search engines. If you have any question, then you can tell us through the comment or contacting me because I like to solve problems.

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