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Travel Agency Software End-To-End Solution For Travel Industry

Now a days having online presence is must for business of any size and shape. In tourism industry online travel portal play a key role benefits both buyers and sellers. Many travellers choose a web medium to book their flight, hotels, airport transfer or tour packages and more. A travel or tour agency who sells travel related products and services such as airline tickets, tour packages, car rentals, hotel accommodations, travel visas and many other travel products can increase sales and revenue form their travel business by setting up Online Travel Agency (OTA). So, tour operator who provides these services need a user-friendly, responsive and effective online travel portal to sell their products and services to customers.

What Is Travel Agency Software?

Travel agency management software is complete online solution for tour operators or travel agencies that offers travel related products and services. This allows travel agencies to manage contracts and various supplier systems. Travel agent can sell through multiple sells channel such as B2B, B2C and responsive web portal, manage contracts, and connect to Global distribution system (GDS). They can create custom tour package and sell through online travel portal. Software helps travel business to improve their worldwide marketing and selling effort real time and against relatively low costs.

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This software have unique facilities such as it connects with third party wholesalers in real time, group reservation facility, generates itineraries, generate bills, vouchers, passenger manifest reports, invoices and many more.

So let us look at some of the key features of software that help to empower your online travel agency.


Features of Travel Agency Software:

Dynamic Package Creation:

This enables tour operator to create dynamic tour package creation. Travel operator can create best-selling tour package by combining multiple hotels and tour packages together. This facility helps travel agents to customize travel package as per their requirement.

Multiple Sells Channels:

This software provides facility to sell travel product through multiple sells channels such as B2C booking engine, B2B Booking engine, Mobile apps and Social Networks. Travel agents can sell both online and offline.

Multicurrency And Multilingual Support:

System supports multiple currency and multiple languages which is beneficial for agencies to sell their product and services in worldwide market. System automatically displays product prices using real-time foreign exchange rates. Multiple language option enables user to choose language their native languages.

Responsive Web Portal:

Many individuals utilize mobile phones, tablets to make their travel reservation. This responsive web portal allows the customers to make their booking from any device.

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Inventory Management System:

You can easily keep track of your inventory with this system that what are you selling and how much you are having.

Search Engine Optimization Tools:

Optimizing your online portal according to search engine guidelines is must to get found when someone search for products and services that you offer. Advanced optimization feature such as setting unique title, Meta description, and URL structure permits you to optimize your web portal as per search engine guidelines.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Payment gateway integrated systems minimize the manual tasks and efforts needed to send receive and payments. Many sellers are adopting gateways like PayPal which enables both buyers and sellers to send and receive payments instantly and securely.

Content Management System:

Travel agents can update website content easily with the help of user friendly CMS. Content management system  enables to add, modify, and update content of static pages without going through html and FTP.

Automated System Alerts:

The system is set to give user’s automatic alerts at several checkpoints alike booking cancellation, booking confirmation alert and vouchers and receipts.

Software’s Benefits For Travel Businesses:

  • Software saves time by making manual tasks and error correction processes faster.
  • It helps travel agencies to promote their travel business worldwide
  • Attend to customer queries even during non-working hours
  • Customers can get quick solution for their queries through ease to use access of online information.
  • It helps to improve business efficiency and enhance customer service.
  • Automated processes reduce manpower and faster turnaround
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Apart from these above listed features there many other important features included in such as accounting system, dashboard & reporting tools that automate business administration process and faster turnaround time.  So, to standout in today’s fastest growing competitive tourism market effective travel agents software is essential for every small to large scale travel business.

Vinod KelwaniAbout the Author:

Vinod Kelwani is Director of Technoheaven Consultancy, a company is one of the leading travel technology partner (Link-  who delivers innovative technology solutions for travel industry. Our comprehensive software products empowering worldwide travel businesses to automate their business process & administration and enhance their customer service.

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