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5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs A Website

You may have a business that is doing fairly well. Your workers may be generating mediocre results and customers may be pleased. However, have you ever considered taking your company to the next level? Have you ever thought of building a website for your establishment?

If you haven’t already noticed, most businesses are going online to haul in their clients. Thousands of internet users are being directed to their professional websites by simply googling their needs. These companies are experiencing excellent traffic and revenue. These days, traditional methods are simply not cutting it anymore. However, this is great news for you. There are so many opportunities for professionals just like you to build their own website. The benefits of creating an online presence are outstanding. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider creating a website for your business establishment:

1.) Accessibility:

Is your business making the most of the worldwide web? There are thousands of internet users who visit the web every day. They are turning to search engines to help them find businesses that suit their every need. These people  are your potential clients! It is important that your services remain reachable for others to enjoy. You may not be present on every platform and it’s fine. The real key is getting creative with your outreach.

Increased Exposure:

This doesn’t have to be difficult at all. At most, all you need to do is build a clean, professional website that directs customers to your services. You want them to find you easily based on the information you are willing to offer about your company. This offers them an opportunity to get to know your brand and utilize your services with ease. If you choose to adopt an advanced approach to your online platform, you can hire freelancers that are skilled in website building, but if you’re in a market for an agency, it’s better to trust them with it.

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Access Guaranteed 24/7:

Depending on your business hours, there are times when your customers are left to listen to a voicemail recording. This turns away so many opportunities for potential clients. With an online presence, you can prevent the loss of interested consumers. Your website will be accessible at all times.

Custom Email:

You are more likely to gain the trust of your customers with a professional email. With a website, you are given the amazing opportunity of creating your very own customized email. So instead of having an email like, you will have a polished name like This looks great for branding!

Online Advertisement:

How much money have you spent on creating extravagant brochures and then more money to print them? The truth is – everybody hates brochures. With a website, you can lessen the headache of later finding those pieces of paper in the nearby trashcan. Just think of it as having an online brochure. This allows your customers to easily locate you and your products while being eco-friendly. If you are an avid social media user, you can benefit from platforms like Instagram and Facebook by showcasing your products and engaging with your potential clients. The future is online.

Free Advertisement From Customers:

If you have a set of loyal customers, they will more likely talk about your product. People only recommend things they believe wholeheartedly in. This could be a great online marketing tool for you. With the help of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, people are given the ability to easily share their love for your product. They are able to tell others how they enjoyed their experience with your company. This is amazing if you provide top notch service. However, if you’re not doing your best, your customers may also use social media to voice their complaints and share bad customer experience they had using your services.

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Online Resume:

In addition to easy promotion of your small business, your online presence can gain the attention of potential investors as well as employees. Your website is comparable to a resume.  Your progress is there for other people to see. Make people want to invest money in your business and work for you.


Local & Global Outreach:

Building a website is not only for those who are trying to find a way in making their company global. Your online presence doesn’t have to be far-fetched. If you are not willing to extend to all of the corners of the earth, you can still build a website for locals.

Establishing an online presence allows you to announce your services in a way that handing out fliers will not. It will help you develop meaningful relationships with potential customers in  your area. You can direct your online interaction to your offline business. You will find that your most solid customers will continue coming back for more of your services.

Get Attention From Investors:

If you have ever attempted to receive a loan for your business, you probably have been asked if you had a website. Nowadays, it’s not even a question anymore. People just ask what your website name is, because they just automatically assume you have one.

Establishing relationships with investors is difficult. However, if you have a great website they can review to get an idea of your services, this may give you the boost you need. Bankers are looking for an established business and if you don’t have an online presence, you may not get their attention at all. Build your website to impress your potential investors and customers. This will do wonders for your company.

Connect With Experts:

With an outstanding online presence, you are given the opportunity in connecting with experts of your niche. When your business remains offline, you are missing out on opportunities to connect with others across the globe. There are worldwide clients, investors, and collaborators that are waiting for your business to become visible to them. However, how can they connect with you if you are not accessible?

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Increased Client Traffic:

Did you know that more than 3 billion people surf the web every day? Approximately 90% of those people are spending money items or services online. Your website could be missing out on the massive crowd of consumers. Don’t miss out on increasing your customer base and revenue.

Be Aware of the Trends:

Find Trends:

The fun thing about having a website is that you are the boss. You set the pace for your brand. The trick is to understand which channel will work for your business. You’ll make some mistakes along the way, but it’s inevitable. This is where you get creative. Find out where your customers are. What are their interests? Instead of wasting time attacking areas you won’t find clients in, look out for the new cool thing and dominate the market.

Go Mobile:

If you do not have a responsive website, you are missing out. If you are not providing mobile accessibility to your potential clients they will most likely never find you or visit your site. More and more people are relying on their smart devices. In fact, a recent study shows that 60% of American mobile users have a smartphone. By 2017 this number will increase to 80%. The majority of people don’t use a desktop anymore, so you absolutely have to have a mobile version of your website.

Many businesses are still offline, but you never hear of them, don’t you? They are using old methods to gain traction. While this might have been successful in the past, it may pose a threat to your business. Remember these reasons for building an online presence starting now. Are there any more that you can think of?

About the Author:

Shayan Carlson is freelance blogger and marketing enthusiast who loves to write about education, lifestyle and travel the world. He’s currently writing for this blog TheWritingKid.

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