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Ways You Need To Know To Develop Backlinks Using Broken Pages

If you conducted any research on SEO or Search Engine Optimization for your website, you might already know how significant it is to develop backlinks. You might even see tips or online warnings for a clear guide of linking to broken pages.

All marketers must know that building backlink is one of the most significant aspects of any successful digital marketing and SEO campaign. However, there is still a new resource out there for link building which is to find your competitors’ broken pages that got linked to by outside sources.

It might sound crazy, but once your consumer clicks the link and comes through a broken page, it is usually bound to make the user turn away from your business or website. Not unless if you utilize those broken pages as an option to create value for your company by pointing it out to your rivals and get them to link to your website instead.

With the help of your competitors’ broken pages, you can provide value to your customers, accelerate the process of link building, and produce more traffic for your website. If you are interested in making your link building more powerful and more efficient, here are some things to keep in mind to find out how to make it.

How To Develop Backlinks With Broken Pages?

Some SEO agencies and specialists use the broken link building tactic to produce quality one-way backlinks. It all result to an unusual tactic to get competitor’s site to link back to you that could lead to even more established backlinks.

1.) Create A List Of Your Top Five Competitors:

First, create a small list of your top competitors in your industry niche. It includes searching Google for other related businesses in your field or searching for the keywords that you are targeting and looking for websites that are ahead of you in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). List down in a spreadsheet your competitors with their SERP position and the date when you found their site.

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2.) Locate Your Competitors’ Broken Pages:

Second, you could manually check all the links, but this can consume a lot of time, and one of the primary objectives of this strategy is to save you time. As an alternative, you can use one of the free tools found online to search for broken links on websites that you can visit instantly.

Google Chrome contains a “Check My Links” extension that will manage all the links on a website and reveal you all the broken links emphasized in red. If you are searching for more options, you can try using the free tool called Screaming Frog SEO Spider.

But if you want to automate or speed up the process, many services are willing to develop quality backlinks for your site for a small fee. They will also take responsibility to research your competitors and to contact them if need.

If you just want to conduct a quick search for yourself, try to check the links and resource pages of your competitors, because these are the most usual places for broken links to arise.

3.) Request A Link From Webmasters:

Requesting for a link from the webmasters is one of the primary aspects of the broken backlink strategy. Broken pages on someone’s website is not good for SEO page rankings. Webmasters don’t like to find broken pages on their websites because it could mean that their Search Engine Results Page’s position may have been rotten by dead links for weeks or months.

  • Webmasters appreciate when external website visitors notify them of undetected broken backlinks. Your objective here is to persuade the webmaster to exchange their broken links with your site URL
  • Outline an email to the webmaster to inform them of the broken link or links that you have found on their site and recommend your website as a different resource. Just ensure to explain the advantages of your website and why you are a reliable source.
  • Let the webmasters know of your position at your business or website, but make sure to formulate your demand on the benefits given to them rather than on your SEO goals for your business.
  • If your concern is that they may not want to assist a competitor’s business, you can also just display yourself as a fan of their website and don’t forget to mention your link to your site.
  • Write a customized email to every webmaster, rather than using the same form of template letter and risk looking like spam. Try to search the name of the webmaster and understand the objectives of their business.
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Understand that many webmasters will decide to not utilize your site as an alternative backlink because you are a field competitor. Never annoy them if they decline or if they fail to respond back to you at all.


The Way To Success:

Utilize the list of your competitors to spread a wide net with this strategy. You must expect a response from around thirty percent of competitors, and around ten percent will add your backlink.

1.) Never Give Up:

If the webmaster is not doing regular checks for broken backlinks, then probably they won’t completely consider the disadvantages to linking to a rival. Also, they might not want to spend time searching different quality links and may take the links that you give them to save time.

2.) Modify Your Approach:

When you do receive responses, just ensure to take every single thing they say into consideration, even if they finally decline to link your website. It will help you find out what did not work in your submission email and what other things you can alter or modify to best convince your next potential customer that your backlink is beneficial to them.

Be Creative!

Being creative is an unusual tactic to develop backlinks, so it needs some creativity and finesse on your part. In your proposal email, you should focus on explaining how changing their dead backlink with your site as a resource is advantageous.

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No one will get incentives to assist a competitor unless it looks like it is going to be equal or more useful to themselves.

Just make sure to provide an explanation why dead backlinks impact the user experience negatively. If you don’t want to appear as being pushy, offer a few options rather than just your website, but make sure to design your site as the most reliable and effective.

Of course, you should focus on your priority which is to generate a quality credible site, so if you already did that, then you should not worry about convincing your competitor that you are an expert in the industry.


Developing Backlinks is one of the most compelling ways of Digital Marketing and an optimized Search Engine Optimization campaign. However, for an effective link building, you can use competitors’ broken page link as a helpful resource.

When you begin getting links from the broken pages of your competitors, ensure that you engage with the individuals who come in contact with you. This strategy would help you produce more website traffic and would certainly help you obtain links from the competitors’ broken pages.

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